Mailbag: Transfers
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Mailbag: Transfers, Travel Rosters and College GameDay

December 14, 2017

The mailbag returns as Brandon Vogel, Greg Smith, Jacob Padilla and Derek Peterson answer your questions about the Huskers moving forward.

Who’s the first in the Husker qb to transfer? (@deapsee60)


Are we going to lose POB or Gebbia? (@jone_loyd)

GS: My pick for the first QB to transfer is Patrick O’Brien, so my answer for two is yes. I think he fits the offense the least after Lee goes to the NFL. I think he will be successful elsewhere.

DP:  The addition of Adrian Martinez means O'Brien is as good as gone. If it's not this season, it'll be next. He's talented and can find playing time at the FBS level.

What are the chances of GameDay coming to Lincoln next season with Frost and Friends in charge? If so, which game could it be? (@Corn_Huskers)

GS: I would put the percent at 2 percent that this actually happens. The home schedule next year is not exciting but the best chance is Michigan State. Keep an eye on Sept 28th, 2019 though at home against Ohio State.

BV: Read Greg’s answer and thought, “2 percent, gotta be a better chance than that.” Then I looked at the schedule. Two percent might be generous. The schedule just doesn’t set up the right way with all of the big, Gameday-type matchups on the road. Even if Nebraska were to get to 4-0 and everything was saying, “Frost is doing it again,” the next three Gameday options are Purdue, Minnesota and Illinois. Don’t think it’s in the cards in 2018.

DP: Greg said Michigan State in the final home game of the season, I think that’s your best shot but a lot of things need to happen for that. Nebraska needs to be nationally relevant (like inside the top 15 relevant), both need to be contending for division titles and the outside schedule needs to be weak. Fortunately, Alabama plays Citadel, Penn State plays Rutgers, Ohio State plays Maryland, Oklahoma plays Kansas, Auburn plays Liberty, Georgia plays UMass and Michigan plays Indiana (GameDay was at a blue blood for each of the last seven weeks). Maybe…

Who are the top remaining targets in the class that Nebraska has a chance to land? (@RyanBrungardt24)

GS: JUCO LB WIll Honas, WR Joshua Fleeks (Baylor commit) and S Cam Jones are three of the top ones. Jones and Honas are visiting this weekend and Fleeks was in Lincoln December 8th weekend.

Is Nebraska going to keep doing the friday night lights camp? (@huskernation515)

GS: No early word on that but I assume some type of similar event will be had to get more southern kids up to Lincoln to see campus.

DP: I think the organizing of, and success of, the walk-on event Wednesday night more likely than not foreshadows this staff doing different kinds of events for recruits in the future. The Friday Night Lights camp was my first thing to experience when I got here, and man, what an introduction to the fanbase. That’s something worth holding on to.

What are your thoughts about a position change for Zack Darlington going back to quarterback for this offense? (@luke_vice)

BV: While I think he could, it would probably be a sign of how the staff felt about it’s other options. A bad sign. Darlington could probably do it, but it doesn’t strike me as move from a position of strength.

DP: I was just thinking about Darlington the other day. He’s now had two full seasons training at wide receiver and while I don’t see him moving back to quarterback, I would like to see the new staff use him more. You won’t convince me the only thing Darlington is good for on a football field is holding kicks.

Does Frost do Satelite camps? Can Frost win Coach of the year again next year and has that been done before? (@RAND_ELL)

BV: I’m guessing they’ll consider satellite camps at Nebraska. Wasn’t much need for them at UCF, but there is here. As for the COY awards, there are 10 or 15 of these things now and I didn’t look at the history of all of them, but the AFCA has given out an award since 1935. No back-to-back winners. The Eddie Robinson Award dates to 1957. No back-to-back winners. Walter Camp? Back to 1967, no back-to-back winners. So, no, effectively Frost can’t win the award again. Looks like there’s a pretty strong precedent of “he won it last year” at play here.

Two other pieces of COY trivia I uncovered while looking this up. Nick Saban has never won the AFCA award, but won the other two mentioned above. Tom Osborne won an AFCA award, but not the other two.

Looking at roster and excluding true freshman, which players that didn’t make travel roster are in danger of being non contributors? (@CoryHonold)

JP: I’m not going to rush to label anyone as a “non-contributor” at this stage, but there are a few players that I can think of off the top of my head that I did not see on the travel rosters during the road trips I made. On the offensive line, Jalin Barnett is entering his junior season and hasn’t sniffed the field, while Bryan Brokop did not travel this season as a redshirt freshman from what I can recall. At linebacker, Quayshon Alexander arrived in Lincoln as one of the more highly-touted recruits in the 2016 class but has not played nor has he traveled from what I’ve seen. Pernell Jefferson is another linebacker who hasn’t made the travel roster or seen the field. Perhaps the change in strength and conditioning and systems will give those players a better chance to earn playing time.

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