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Mailbag: Tunnel Walk Talk, Hot Dogs and Quarterbacks

April 25, 2018

Spring football is officially over (sad trombone sound) but that doesn't mean our mailbag has to end. Brandon Vogel, Greg Smith, Jacob Padilla and Derek Peterson will still answer any and all questions you have.

This week, you just happened to ask about quarterbacks and hot dogs, among other things. So let's get to it.

Do you think Martinez showed enough to become the starter? If so, why? (@Sdclark_GBR)

GS: Yes. Either way, you are going to take some lumps this season with an inexperienced QB so why not go with the better athlete who gives your offense a true dual threat? I think at this stage in his development, Martinez is a capable passer as well. Martinez is the future, why not let the future be now?

BV: I’m not in any real rush to pick one, but I do think he showed some very enticing traits. If the coaches were to announce tomorrow that Martinez was the pick, I wouldn’t be surprised that it was Martinez (just that there was a pick this early). I wrote a little bit about Martinez and his traits on Wednesday, but it’s his poise that stuck out to me last Saturday. He just seemed perfectly comfortable in most facets of the game.

JP: My thoughts are similar to Brandon’s at this point. I was a little hesitant to jump on the Martinez bandwagon simply because I just hadn’t seen him play in person, but he certainly jumped off the field on Saturday. I don’t think he showed enough to win the job simply because of the setting, but I do think he showed enough to establish that he’s going to be a contender for it right down to the end and very easily could win the job.

DP: While I think yes, he showed good things, I was in a spot heading into the game where it wouldn’t take much convincing for me to be like, “Yeah, sure, go with Martinez,” or, “Yeah, sure, go with Gebbia.” With Martinez, there wasn’t a ton of arm strength display Saturday and while I don’t think this offense is going to be bombing hail mary’s left and right I am curious how his arm is doing and when he’ll be back to feeling like 100 percent.

If Coach has never promised playing time to a recruit, is the thinking that he would not bring in a transfer kid because another kid might leave against his competition philosophy? (@CoryHonold)

BV: I don’t think you wall yourself off to transfers, just give them the same talk you give everyone else. If the standard position is that the competition for jobs is always ongoing, bringing in a transfer doesn’t violate that on either end. UCF brought in a transfer, Mike Hughes, in August last year to shore up the secondary.

JP: I think Frost’s mindset is probably that if a kid wants to transfer because of a lack of playing time, then more power to him and they’ll plug someone who wants to be in Lincoln into that spot. All of the junior college transfers on the team were brought in to plug holes on the roster, but none of them are being given playing time. They’re earning it. The best players who work the hardest are going to play no matter what route they took to get to Lincoln.

Who will be next recruit to sign? (@raytownjack)

GS: I’ll go with 3-star DE Mosai Newsom as the next commit to verbally join the class. He visited campus three times this spring and doesn’t currently have any visits on the schedule to other schools.

DP: I said three guys were committing over the weekend so clearly I know nothing. Go with Greg on this one.

Which @HailVarsity staffer wins a Fairbury hot dog eating contest? (@md_schmidt)

BV: If this is an amateur, around-the-grill in the backyard type of contest, I can hold my own. If it’s the professional-eating-circuit type of contest where you dunk the bun in water to speed up the process, I’m out. I’m anti-wet bread.

JP: I don’t know who would win, but I do know it wouldn’t be me. I’m not much of a hot dog guy. If I need to eat and there is pretty much any alternative, I’m taking it.

DP: #TeamAntiWetBread. Also, Jacob should be removed from this staff for his hot dog slander. As for your question, my vote is Greg.

Poll on tunnel walk music change? I'd be alright with it, Only if the new choice gets everyone up and loud! (@RAND_ELL)

GS: I’m fine with changing it and think that "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar would be a strong choice. Though, I got a really good suggestion from @BulldogRing on Twitter.

BV: I’m fine with changing it. For whatever reason, and maybe it’s because I watched most Chicago Bulls games between, say, 1989 and 1995, “Sirius” never struck me as iconic in the same way “Enter Sandman” has become at Virginia Tech. It has certainly become associated with Nebraska and a lot of people feel an attachment to it, I just don’t happen to feel that way.

DP: Here’s my thing (and I’m actually writing about this as we speak), I have no issues with a change. To me, it’s more a Michael Jordan/Bulls thing than it is a Nebraska football thing. And maybe that sends some flak my way, but hey, the hype music is more about the players than it is anyone not running out of the tunnel. If they want a different song, a more recent song, then do that.

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