Nebraska Football Team on the Field of Memorial Stadium
Photo Credit: Eric Francis

Nebraska Football Spring Practice Report Mad Libs

April 16, 2020

No spring football practices meant no spring football practice reports, so we decided to pretend. We took to social media (Instagram Stories mostly) with a series of Mad Libs that allowed Nebraska fans to piece together their own spring practices. To end the series, we thought we’d bring the fun here.

The final “practice report” is below. Feel free to share your results with us. Enjoy.

Coach Scott Frost is ready to play some football. Nebraska will get a chance to do that Saturday at Memorial Stadium for the annual Red-White Spring Game.

Frost said the Huskers will divide the players into (NUMBER) team(s) for the scrimmag. The coaches will be able to (VERB) and players will switch to a different team. Frost expects the initial rosters to be announced later on (DAY OF WEEK).

That means (PLAYER NAME) may only see a few snaps on Saturday, but it could also mean (PLAYER NAME) could see all of the snaps. (COACH NAME) hopes to see (PLAYER NAME) the most.

"He's an exceptional football player, an exceptional leader,” (COACH NAME) said. “He makes our team (ADJECTIVE). One of the (ADJECTIVE) I've been around."

One thing Nebraska will have to keep an eye on is the weather. Saturday’s forcast calls for (ADJECTIVE) skies and temperatures in the (NUMBER, PLURAL). That means you better pack you (CLOTHING ITEM) if you plan to be at Memorial Stadium.

Most importantly though, it’s all about football on Saturday. Rain or shine.

“I am (ADJECTIVE),” Frost said. “"I enjoy spring games.”

Other news and notes:

>> (PLAYER NAME) will not play. He isn’t injured though. He will instead be (VERB-ING) on the sideline.

“He's been doing (ADJECTIVE),” Frost said.

>> One position that’s lacking a bit in depth is (POSITION). Frost hopes to solve that by adding (FAMOUS PERSON NAME) to the team.

"I don't think we're deep enough there, for sure,” Frost said. “This should help.”

>> Remember that (ANIMAL) that kept hanging around practice this spring? Get used to see it around more often. Frost said that it will be the newest mascot of the football team going forward.

“What a(n) (ADJECTIVE) experience,” Frost said. “But the team grew to (ADJECTIVE) it so we figured why not.”

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