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Nebraska Cornhuskers offensive lineman Cameron Jurgens snapping the ball during practice Friday
Photo Credit: John S. Peterson

Nebraska Releases Performance and Strength Index Numbers

May 13, 2021

Coach Scott Frost wanted to bring back the days of publicly releasing Nebraska’s Performance and Strength Index results. He said so at Big Ten Media Days in 2019. Just under two years later, the Huskers are making that happen.

The release of testing results began in late-March following Nebraska’s winter conditioning. Sort of. Frost teased some of the testing numbers at that time, but most of what was shared was numerical values and not times or heights.

“I was really happy with the improvements we made,” Frost said. “Zach (Duval)”—Nebraska’s strength coach—“told me all but seven players on our whole roster improved in every single category of testing. That’s quite an improvement across the board. 

We had some unbelievable numbers.”

The Performance Index metrics include a variety of tests, including a vertical jump, 40-yard dash, 10-yard dash and pro agility drill. There’s also the Strength Index. Those metrics include metrics for squat and hang clean.

“The Performance Index and the Strength Index are two different things, but they work together,” former head strength coach Boyd Epley said in a video released by Nebraska. “One kind of measures talent of an athlete and one measures effort.”

You can watch the full video from Epley below for more specifics on both the Performance and Strength Indexes:

Since Frost originally teased results, many have waited to hear more on exactly how individuals performed. A number of players were asked throughout spring football but opted not to say much until Nebraska officially released results.

As promised, Nebraska started releasing the results on Tuesday. Hail Varsity will provide updates as the Huskers share more throughout the week.

Vertical Jump

The first to be shared publicly is vertical jump. Here’s the top 10 (with weight listed in parentheses):

1. WR Oliver Martin (200): 40 inches

2. ILB Chris Kolarevic (228): 38

3. OLB Isaac Gifford (207): 37

4. OLB JoJo Domann (237½): 36½

T-5. CB Nadab Joseph (187): 35

T-5. ILB Luke Reimer (224): 35

T-5: CB Phalen Sanford (200): 35

T-8. C Cam Jurgens (290½): 34½

T-8. RB Zach Weinmaster (188½): 34½

10: S Deontai Williams (203): 34

Many took notice of Jurgens’ placement on this list. Jurgens heard it too.


Pro Agility Drill

Nebraska released the results of the pro agility drill on Wednesday. The drill is essentially a shuttle run of 5-10-5, or a 3-cone drill.

Here’s the top 10 (with weight listed in parentheses):

1. S Deontai Williams (203): 3.75 seconds

2. WR Wyatt Liewer (188.5): 3.77

3. QB Adrian Martinez (213): 3.83

4. CB Phalen Sanford (200): 3.92

T-5. WR Elliott Brown (181): 3.95

T-5. WR Oliver Martin (200): 3.95

7. OLB JoJo Domann (237.5): 3.97

T-8: WR Brody Belt (186): 3.98

T-8: CB Cam Taylor-Britt (198): 3.98

10. OLB Nick Leader (209): 3.99

Martinez previously declined to reveal any of his times or heights from testing when asked during spring football, saying he was happy with his results. With more to come, it’s of note that Martinez is No. 3 on the pro agility drill list.


10-Yard Split

Another day, another set of results that have been released by Nebraska. Next up is the 10-yard split.

Here’s the top 10 (with weight listed in parentheses):

1. CB Phalen Sanford (200): 1.51 seconds

2. S Noa Pola-Gates (175): 1.56

T-3. CB Cam Taylor-Britt (198): 1.57

T-3. S Deontai Williams (203): 1.57

5. QB Logan Smothers (195): 1.58

T-6. ILB Luke Reimer (224): 1.59

T-6. RB Marvin Scott III (207): 1.59

T-6. ILB Grant Tagge (200): 1.59

T-6. WR Oliver Martin (200): 1.59

10. OLB JoJo Domann (237.5): 1.6


Strength Index

Nebraska released the top six athletes for the strength index on Friday, which included numbers for both the squat and hang clean.

Here are the top six and their numbers:

Check back for more.

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