No Redshirts for Four Freshmen Huskers
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Padding the Stats: Power Ranking Husker Twitter Handles

August 04, 2017

Social media has become an important part of how fans consume sports. With the rise of Twitter, players are more accessible than ever before. Twitter accounts can also be a way for players to express their individuality and creativity. Many players choose to go with a pretty straightforward version of their name as their handle, but others decide to get a bit more creative with it. Below, I list the best Twitter handles on the Nebraska football team.

1. JoJo Domann, Sophomore, Safety (@TheDomannator): Domann unfortunately had what was looking like a big season cut short with a torn ACL but his handle is still perfect. With a name like Domann, you don’t have to think too hard to come up with something, but I’m not punishing him for that. If you’ve seen Domann play, whether it be on defense or special teams, you’d understand why it’s so apt. He’s a physical player who is always around the ball and looking to lay the big hit.

2. De’Mornay Pierson-El, Senior, Wide Receiver (@DontPunt_15): No clever word play here, just a clear message for the opposition: for your own good, do NOT punt the ball to No. 15. Pierson-El burst onto the scene as one of the most dangerous punt returners in the country as a freshman for the Huskers, and while injuries have set him back since, that dynamism and creativity on the field is still present. If the Huskers actually block for Pierson-El this season on punts, expect to be wowed.

3. Joshua Kalu, Senior, Safety (@BluesKalus): I give mad props to anyone
who can incorporate children’s shows into their adolescent and adult
lives and that is what Kalu has done here with an homage to Blue’s Clues
in his handle. Kalu is a unique name for sure and I appreciate him
stretching it to replace “Clues.” Solid bit of wordsmithery here.
Shout-out to Steve.

4. Mick Stoltenberg, Junior, Nose Tackle (@big_MICKet): This works on a
variety of levels. First, if you were to ever stand next to Stoltenberg,
“big” is probably the first word that would pop into your head. He’s a
very large man and has grown even larger now that he is up to 315 pounds
as he prepares to slide over to nose tackle. Going with the all caps
only stresses that point and is appropriate. As a hoops junkie, I also
love the reference to Kevin Garnett, “The Big Ticket.”

5. Broc Bando, Freshman, Offensive Lineman (@73Broccoli): Simple, yet
brilliant. Broc Bando is a tremendous name to begin with. There’s a lot
you can do with Broc, and I appreciate him going the vegetable route.
The number here is the key, though, as it works on multiple levels.
First, his number at Nebraska is actually 73, and second, 73 rhymes with
broccoli. 73 Broccoli just has a nice ring to it.

6. Jake Kitten, Freshman, Center (@The_Big_Cat67): This one is pretty self-explanatory and with a name like Kitten, he had a lot to work with. However, the handle is still perfect for an offensive lineman with a feline surname. The only ding here is that someone else already has @The_Big_Cat59, which is his number at Nebraska.

7. Keyan Williams, Junior, Wide Receiver (@Primetime_IX): There are a few things going here for Keyan Williams. First, he incorporated his number which is always good for an athlete. On top of that, he went the Roman numeral route instead of the standard digit, which earns him bonus points with me. He also has the near rhyme going for him with “Primetime” and “nine”, and that just makes it flow smoothly. Now that he’s eligible to play, Williams is going to have to live up to the “primetime” part of his name. You can’t call yourself that if you don’t show up under the bright lights.

8. Ethan Cox, Freshman, Wide Receiver (@coxandthehound): Here’s another player referencing a childhood favorite, The Fox and the Hound. It’s appropriate as well, as the preferred walk-on’s playing style could be described as “clever like a fox.” He’s a good athlete with good quickness who played quarterback in high school but is transitioning to slot receiver with the Huskers.

9. Dicaprio Bootle, Freshman, Cornerback (@_flightsdelayed): If there is any player on the roster who would be justified in simply using his name as his handle, it’s Dicaprio Bootle. However, he opted against that and instead went with a variation of the “no fly zone” theme for cornerbacks. Props for finding a new angle, but I do have to dock him a few points for playing off of his position and playing style rather than his name.

10. John Raridon, Freshman, Offensive Guard (@hines_bittleman): I have no clue what this means but Raridon wins for the most random handle on the team.

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