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Scott Frost on the Foundation of Nebraska Football, the Freshman Class and More

August 31, 2018

With two days until kickoff, Nebraska coach Scott Frost joined Sports Nightly Thursday evening to talk about a little bit of everything. From the foundation he's working to establish with his team to the quarterbacks and player nicknames, Frost ran through a variety of topics in his hour on the show.

Here's a quick recap of topics covered:

>> When it comes to the team's foundation specifically, Frost acknowledged there was a lot of work to do but that his group has also made a lot of improvement.

"Sometimes when you look back, when you get closer to where you want to be, and look back at the foundation that was laid and think that was the most trying times, it was also the most rewarding to think back on," Frost said. "A bunch of guys got together and came together to improve something."

>> Frost said 80 percent of his playbook has been installed, but it's likely not as extensive today as it will be for the season opener in 2019. 

"We got enough in to be dangerous," Frost said. "We just have to execute what we do well."

Speaking of the playbook, Frost isn't the kind of coach to script out his game too much. He doesn't want to get too locked in on plays before the game begins, but he does have a "hot list" of things he wants to do early.

>> While Frost won't alter his playcalling due to the lack of depth at quarterback, he does admit the Huskers have to be smart with the position. However, fans shouldn't expect the offense to take it easy as a result.

"Listen, we're going to rock and roll and be all gas and no brakes," Frost said.

As for starting quarterback Adrian Martinez, Frost said he is "as ready as we can make him right now."

>> Frost is a big fan of the Huskers' freshman class, especially with how many have stepped up over spring, summer and fall camp.

"It's a great group," Frost said. "We talk kind of privately about recruiting classes and I think if more than 50 percent of your recruiting class ends up starting for you, you're hitting above average. Looking at this group this year, a bunch of them are going to contribute this year, and even some of the ones that aren't I think are going to be really good players and potentially starters down the road."

One freshman impressing Frost is tight end Cameron Jurgens.

"We got him at tight end right now," Frost said. "I'm not sure what he is, but I know he's one of the best athletes on the team, and maybe the most powerful guy we have on the team."

>> Frost has a thing for nicknames. One in particular is "Ziggy Stardust," which he calls running back Devine Ozigbo. The senior is more than a nickname, though. Frost is also very impressed with Ozigbo's work in the offseason.

"He's doing a really good job, man," Frost said. "I'll tell you what, the strength and conditioning program has changed a lot of guys but he looks faster in fall than he was in spring. I think he's gotten a step or two faster. He's strong and in shape and he's going to play a big role in our backfield for us and I think we have several guys that can do a good job and he's definitely one of them."

Another running back nickname? Freshman Maurice Washington is known as "Space Cowboy."

"I don't know if he likes it or not," Frost said.

>> Frost wants the student section to be a big part of game day, but he's not worried about the students showing up.

"I don't think we're going to have to worry," Frost said. "I saw the Boneyard Bash the other night when the students came and I think it's going to be more entertaining to watch than that, and I'll be surprised if they're not there and there in force based on what I've seen.

"Part of that is just making sure we put a good product on the field and we're working on that and getting better every day, so I know they're going to have a lot of things to cheer for. Husker Vision and the boys have a lot of things in store for those that show up at the game. I think everybody, including our football team, can do a lot to make that better."

>> Some of the callers that got through to Frost didn't have a question. One man simply wanted to thank Frost for coming home to Nebraska, and shared a message before hanging up.

"I will always be there for you, man."

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