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Tackling Woes, Aggressive Mindset on Offense and More Notes Ahead of Iowa Matchup

November 22, 2021

The Huskers had a rough day in Madison when it came to stopping the run. The Badgers piled up 252 yards on the ground, and the 8.13 yards per carry average was the highest mark the Huskers’ have given up all season. There were missed tackles all over the field, but there were a lot in the secondary on Saturday.

Defensive backs coach Travis Fisher admitted that the tackling wasn’t good enough. Fisher thought there were a couple times players were in place to make easy tackles. The mental part of the game may have crept in or players were trying to throw shoulders in to make tackles. Fisher took comfort in the guys that made those mistakes on Saturday are ones that normally don’t do that. Because of that Fisher felt like it was an easy fix and those guys knew they messed up.

“To be honest, some of the missed tackles in that game were easy missed tackles,” Fisher said. “Some tackles during the game they actually made were hard tackles to make. It’s just a coaching point at this point of the season. It’s very important for me that I don’t beat my guys up. It’s very important to me that I lift my guys up. So, I lifted them up and made the corrections.

After correcting the mistakes, Fisher and his group put those plays out of their minds. Mistakes are made on the professional level as well. How you take a mistake, correct a mistake and keep moving is how you become a professional in Fishers’ eyes. He got the point across to those guys who need to focus a little bit more on some of those easy tackles. They need to be made because it helps the team out.

An easy tackle to Fisher is pretty simple. When a player has his body is in position, wrap up the ball-carriers’ legs and get a guy down. You don’t always have to go for the big highlight hit. He understands that the game is physical and his players want to make their presence felt on tackles. At the same time, he has to get them to understand that making the routine play is good, too. Trying to explode into an offensive player is not the way it’s done now in football.

“It’s another thing to have the mentality,” Fisher said. “It’s one thing to shy away from a tackle where you’re just trying to throw your shoulder in there because you’re really trying to shy away from a tackle. That’s where I got to get you off the field.

“It’s hard to take the aggression out of a player. You don’t want to take too much aggression off a player. You try to keep that aggression in the player but teach them how to make that same play without bad technique.”

Playing Iowa will give another opportunity Friday at facing a physical football team. Nebraska’s secondary will get the chance to show that the Wisconsin game was a blip on the radar. That’s the beauty of playing in this conference. You’ll never be short on tough rushing attacks to prove yourself against.

More news and notes:

>> Everyone in the secondary had an up-and-down game against the Badgers on Saturday. Still, Fisher was very pleased with how Cam Taylor-Britt held up physically.

“He’s very tough, Fisher said. “I thought that last week’s game was the most physical game he’s played this year. You’re talking about a 245-pound running back that Cam is having to tackle at 190 pounds playing corner. He pancaked the tight end last week in the Wisconsin game.”

Fisher thought that was impressive from his corner, who also had to worry about covering the deep ball against Wisconsin’s threats on the outside.

>> After the game on Saturday outside linebacker Garrett Nelson spoke about how proud he was of players like Blaise Gunnerson getting to play. Not only did he play but held up well in the game against Wisconsin. Gunnerson mention Nelson’s proud dad moment on Monday.

“Yes, that was really cool. Garrett has been a mentor for me this whole time,” Gunnerson said. “I remember me and him talking. We were just always talking about getting on the field together. So that was really cool moment. I’m roommates with Garrett, Nick Henrich and Nash Hutmacher. We had moments that we were all in the field together. So that was really cool for us. We had Giff [Isaac Gifford] get out there too. He’s in our neighborhood. I’m just really close with all those guys. It was a lot of fun to be out there with them.”

>> There was a lot of talk coming out of the Wisconsin game that Nebraska looked to be more aggressive with the offensive game plan. The team played with a confidence on Saturday despite needing to clean some things up. Offensive lineman Matt Sichterman spoke about how the team can keep that momentum going.

“We just got a group of fighters,” Sichterman said. “Regardless of what circumstances and regardless of what’s going on we just got to fight. That’s the name of the position. That’s all we’ve done all year. Things haven’t gone our way but we just show up next week. Keep working.”

Sichterman noted that he is excited by the early stages of the game plan going in for Iowa week.

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