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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Amy Brown

The Always Happy, Really Funny Uncle Drew

October 28, 2016

People know Drew Brown for a lot of reasons. He’s Nebraska’s place kicker (and an efficient one at that). He’s also the younger brother of former Husker kicker Kris Brown and the best friend of Sam Foltz.

There are three kids – Kolby, Carly Bea and Burke – who know him just a bit differently though. To them, he’s simply ‘Uncle Drew.’

And Drew loves being an uncle to Kolby, Carly Bea and Burke – the three children of his brother Kris and sister-in-law Amy. That’s why Drew makes the trip from Lincoln to Omaha as frequently as he can to see his niece and nephews.

Kolby, 12, looks forward those visits, which are typically on Saturday nights.

Courtesy of Amy Brown

“Most of the time if it’s after a home game, he’ll come here and stay the night and then go back Sunday morning before practice,” Kolby said.

Carly Bea, 10, likes when Drew visits too. As the only girl between Kolby and Burke, 8, she can occasionally get left out. Not when Drew is in town, though.

“I just like him hanging around here because he always lets me play,” Carly Bea said. “He actually lets me play with.”

From the sound of it, when Drew is in town, nothing is off limits as far as activities are concerned.

“They want to do something different every time,” Drew said. “Whether that’s throw the football outside, play video games, play board games, watch TV or just anything, it’s never the same with those kids.”

They also like to play golf and basketball, which all three kids said can get a bit competitive. Drew helps keep it in check, though. That’s just his personality.

“He’s always really positive and always really even-keeled,” Kolby said. “He never gets too low on the lows or too highs on the highs.”

Talking about Drew’s personality sparks a long list of why the kids love him so much. That starts with how he approaches life.

“My favorite thing about Drew is that he is always happy,” Kolby said. “I don’t think he’s ever been down on himself. That’s the one thing I do really like.”

For Burke, it’s even simpler than that.

“He’s really funny and he comes and spends time with us,” Burke said.

Yes, a big part of what makes Drew so special is that he makes the time. As a student-athlete with a lot on his plate, Drew is still able to find time for his niece and nephews, even if that means stepping into babysitting duty.

“He’ll say ‘I’m coming up for the weekend’ and Kris and I will be like, ‘We have something and we have a sitter,’” Amy said. ‘He’ll say, ‘Just cancel the sitter. I’ll take them.’”

The three kids don’t mind either.

“He’s the funnest [sic] babysitter,” Burke said.


“He lets us stay up late,” Burke said.

And that’s not all.

“Sometimes he lets us eat popcorn for dinner,” Carly Bea said. “And candy.”

My favorite thing about Drew is that he is always happy. I don’t think he’s ever been down on himself. That’s the one thing I do really like.
– Kolby Brown, Age 12

Talk about a fun uncle, but the three kids see him as more than that. Over the years, Drew has grown beyond just being the fun uncle that they love. It’s almost as if he is their brother.

“If you think about it, we’re actually closer as brothers age-wise than he is with my dad,” Kolby said. “Right now I’m 12 and he’s 20. He’s only eight years older than me so I think of him more as a brother.”

Kolby’s not alone on that.

“He’s a lot more of a brother than an uncle,” Carly Bea said.

Even then, Drew has become a role model for his nephews and niece. With every trip he makes to Omaha or every hug he gives after a game, their respect and love grows. The same goes for Drew.

“I love them,” Drew said.

And the three kids love him right back. So much so, they give a resounding ‘yes’ when asked if they’d like to grow up to be just like him.

Drew has been through a lot during his time at Nebraska. As a result, he’s known for a lot of things. In the Brown household in Omaha, Nebraska, he’s simply known as the fun uncle and role model that Kolby, Carly Bea and Burke all aspire to be like.

“If my kids grow up to be like Drew, I will have won,” Amy said.

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