The Lo-Down: Let's Talk About Nebraska
Photo Credit: John S. Peterson

The Lo-Down: Let’s Talk About Nebraska, Adidas and Volleyball Shoes

October 22, 2019

When I was younger, I remember being obsessed with all things Nike. They had the coolest kicks, the best fitting shorts and the trendiest jackets. I was actually upset with my father for working at a school that was sponsored by Adidas because it was encouraged for all of us to be in three-stripe gear as often as possible. All I ever wanted to wear was Nike.

Fast forward to now, I can’t stop wearing Adidas. I am hoping they will someday allow me to be a brand ambassador because I wear it so often. They have upped their game in all areas to say the least and surprisingly Nebraska is usually the first to try out whatever their next stylish idea is. 

The Huskers have a special relationship with Adidas. Any new product, whether it is something to wear on the volleyball court or something to wear to class, is usually tested out by Nebraska athletes. They will receive the product, try it out for some time and then provide feedback to Adidas. The university has a Licensed Property Manager on staff, Al Recker, who handles the relationship between Nebraska and Adidas.

Since the Lo-Down focuses primarily on volleyball, I want to point out that one of the biggest advancements that has happened within the volleyball world is the redesign of volleyball shoes. And, I wanted to let you all know that the Huskers definitely had some influence on how those were created. 

Not only is Nebraska helping Adidas with its products, but they are also assisting in who the company represents. In fact, I recently learned that the reason USA Volleyball is now sponsored by Adidas has a lot to do with the Big Red.

Coach John Cook was pushing for Adidas to become more involved within the volleyball world. He realized that they didn’t have a huge presence compared to companies like Mizuno. Long story short, Coach Cook shot a promotional video tying Adidas and volleyball together, USA women’s volleyball saw that and then decided to move forward with figuring out their relationship, which now results in Adidas fully representing them. 

Now, there are many benefits when you are a Husker athlete (or a Husker coach’s kid), but one of the best perks is your endless supply of Adidas gear. The volleyball athletes receive a large shipment in August, right before the season starts. This will range from shoes, to backpacks, to leggings. Then, sometime in October, when the weather starts to change, they will receive their cold-weather gear. If they make the Final Four, they will get another round of goods. Finally, right before the beach volleyball season begins, they will be given some warmer weather items. If that isn’t enough Adidas deliveries, then I don’t know what is.

They also have the opportunity to swap items out if they don’t fit or request an extra pair of something (shoes for example) if they know they are going to wear them out quickly. To add to that, coaches receive stipends from Adidas that they can use throughout the year to purchase whatever they would like straight from their website for their family members. 

Ever since it has been made public that I help style Coach Cook’s outfits, my next fashion challenge is getting him in some Yeezy’s. Let’s make it happen, Adidas!

Until then, I am sure Adidas will continue to dream big, finding ways to create and recreate some of the best materials in the business. I am just happy to be involved with a school who is sponsored by them because now I have realized that you can never have too much Adidas.

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