Nebraska Is in a Preseason Top 25 Again and That's OK
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They Said It: Husker Players Talk Nebraska’s 54-7 Win Over Maryland

November 24, 2019

Nebraska players met with the media following the Huskers’ 54-7 win over Maryland. We heard from senior defensive tackle Darrion Daniels and sophomore quarterback Adrian Martinez. 

Here’s the transcript from their question-and-answer session postgame

Senior defensive tackle Darrion Daniels

On what a game like this does for the team:

“It just gives us more confidence. I think it’s going to be important going forward to achieve what we want. It’s a huge confidence boost for us.”

On why the defense was so good today:

“It’s a message I’ve been repeating all season. Just us focusing on little details. That’s one thing we did extremely well going into this week. Coach took it back to basics for us. A lot of our base plays we came into fall camp running. We kept it really simple so it made it where in practice we knew it like the back of our hands. It helped us going into this game.”

On the team sticking together:

“Just a lot of guys who are trying to value the last few moments with each other. Our days are limited. The older guys just want to spend as much time with each other as we can. The younger guys too. We want to do something in the short amount of time we have left. Today was the outcome of that. Everyone wants to be around each other and make the best of the little time we have left.”

On the uncertainty during the week:

“At the time, yeah. It’s actually a lot of guys. It hit certain guys harder than others. It was kind of over the course of the whole week. Some guys were down, some were in. Some guys missed reps so a lot of young guys had to step in. That also helped us going into the week having a lot of guys in which really made us key in on what we had to do. Our task at hand and executing our jobs.”

On first play turnover setting the tone:

“It kind of set the bar. We just wanted to continue to meet that standard. Continue to keep pushing.”

On the feeling walking off the field with a win:

“Like I said it was a confidence booster. It did a lot for me personally because our opportunity to continue playing after the regular season, it gave me more hope. It made me happy because it put us in a position to extend our season. It gives me an opportunity to spend more time with the young guys and even the older guys on the team.”

On the message for preparing for Iowa:

“Kind of the same message that was given to us this past week. Enjoy the moments we have together. That message carried with us really well because at practice there are a lot of guys that want to maximize every play and period. Guys are thinking hey we don’t have much time so we have to get this fixed. It’s just extra motivating to get better as fast as possible.”

On the enthusiasm of the team:

“We are always excited for each other but we are more vocal than we are physical. Today during the pregame talk, it was just one of those things where he showed us the difference between hey man good job and actually putting your hands on someone and sharing energy. I think that played a huge factor in this game.”

Sophomore quarterback Adrian Martinez

On Frost’s message about sharing energy before the game:

“It was pretty much the motto all week and then heading into the game. He really asked two things of us. One was get on everyone’s hat, share energy and the other was don’t be a wuss. Go out there and regardless of the atmosphere, the weather go out there and play as hard as you can. I think we achieved that hat.”

On what it means to get on a hat:

“When someone makes a play big or small, have guys go tap them on the head or helmet. Show excitement and be happy for each other’s success. It’s contagious.”

On a game where the ball bounces your way:

“I thank JD for that play. Great concentration on his part. You know you are right. Some things went our way but also the guys did a great job of coming out in this game with energy and being focused on the job we needed to accomplish.”

On the importance of playing well:

“Very important. Not just to get closer to bowl eligibility and one more win. It was big for the program and this team. We aren’t giving up. We are continuing to come out and give our all. We are playing for Coach Frost, the staff and each other.”

On why bowl eligibility is important:

“We want to send our seniors out on the right now. Along with that we have worked really hard all year. I think it’s important to get to that bowl game. To get to six wins and finish the year out strong.”

On addressing how to not let up on teams:

“Yeah, we have addressed it. Really, it’s a simple as going out there and finishing a team off. Having the killer instinct. I know Coach Frost has spoken about it. Our team took it personally today and got the job done.”

On guys battling through sickness and injuries:

“It shows the character of this team. Guys willingness to step up when they are called on. Heck, even Luke went out there and caught a pass. He did it all today. I’m super pumped for him. Again, it goes to show the character on this football team. Guys are ready to step up and ready to go.”

On how he prepares for not knowing who will play:

“Just have faith in our guys. Whoever is going to be in there regardless of the situation just have faith they will know what they are doing out there. I had that in the guys who were out there today.”

On JD Spielman and Dedrick Mills:

“Both of those guys have a tremendous amount of will to them. They want to be out there playing. They did it for their teammates. JD, I wouldn’t expect anything less. The same goes for Dedrick. Those are two guys who push through it all no matter the circumstances.”

On having two new kickers today:

“Well I was super pumped for our field goal kickers. We were excited they were making field goals and whatever else. It goes back to having faith in the guys that are in there. Knowing that they are working hard. They are going to give what they got.”

On the motto this season being you have to have faith:

“To an extent. Again, just going back and knowing we are going to fight. We are not going to give up regardless of who is in there. I think our guys are doing a great job of that. Holding on and fighting to finish this season.” 

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