Hard Work Pays Off for Huskers' Walk-On Quarterback
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They Said It: Maryland-Nebraska

November 19, 2016

Notable quotes from Nebraska’s 28-7 victory over the Maryland Terrapins.

Head coach Mike Riley on the senior class:

“This group of seniors, I suppose everybody across the country on senior day says the same thing, but when you make a transition like this and you are fortunate enough to land with a group of guys like this. We are very, very thankful for that. My disappointment is that I only got to be around these guys for a couple of years and we will try to carry on with the rest of their group going forward and continue to make this better and better, but I don’t think that we rebound from a year ago and be able to have a year like this without a really good bunch of older guys in the program. I believe that is true, so this group is pretty special. They are very close to one another and they have a lot of pride in their own teammates and frankly just plain old-fashioned friendships within this group. You can see it. So they are pretty close-knit. They had been bonded together through many different circumstances including one tragic one in the summertime. So that part will never be forgotten.”

Quarterback Ryker Fyfe on the emotions of honoring Sam Foltz on senior day:

“I knew it was going to be a tough day, a lot of emotions and obviously, this should be a game that I should be walking out with Sam at my last game, but I knew he was with us, with me, in spirit. It was nice seeing Jill and Gerald (Foltz), his parents, before the game, they talked to me, gave me a hug and said, ‘He’ll be with you out there, just go out and play hard,’ so it was fun.”

On running the ball:

“I’m no Tommy [Armstrong Jr.], but I can fork out a run sometimes if I have to. Play breaks out, guy comes up the middle, you’ve just got to run, so I guess I can do that a little bit.”

Wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp on Fyfe:

“Ryker played out of his mind. It was awesome having him back there. We were real successful in all areas of the game today. It was just a great team win for us.”

On being last in line for senior day:

“It was tough, I was trying to hold back the tears, as each person was getting announced it just kept getting worse and worse and harder and harder. Then finally going out there and seeing Coach Riley smile, I was like ‘aw this is tough’. It was great. It was a great ceremony. This class is going to be remembered.”

I-back Terrell Newby on going undefeated at home:

“It means a lot. We have great support with our fan base. I think it means a lot to us to go undefeated at home. Whenever we come out here we feel very confident.”

On the pregame senior tributes:

“Emotions were real high, especially after Sam’s tribute. Obviously he meant a lot to us. We’d do anything to have him be out there and just participate in Senior Day. Like we have all this year, we dedicated this season to him.  He’s with us every down, every play, and every game.”

Linebacker Josh Banderas on his last home game:

“It’s pretty emotional in the beginning. Getting called out with all the seniors. [It] kind of was the last time running out of the tunnel walk for good. It was a pretty emotional day but you got to move on and I was able to take it all in with no regrets here at the stadium. It was a good career and I’m appreciative of everyone that’s been around me.”

On his legacy:

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll have to come back in a couple years to see if anybody even remembers my name. But we’ll see, we can’t say for sure.”

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