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They Said It: Nebraska Players Discuss 28-23 Loss to Purdue

October 30, 2021

We heard from a few players on Saturday night after the Huskers’ 28-23 loss to Purdue. Adrian Martinez, JoJo Domann and Austin Allen all met with the media.

Here are selected questions and answers from the player’s time with the media.

Senior Nickel JoJo Domann

On the vibe of the crowd toward the end of the game:

“I mean, I noticed that people were leaving, but that had no effect on the game. And honestly, I don’t really care. So, it is what it is. Plus, your faithful stands by us. Fairweather, we don’t need you. That’s how it’s always been, and always will be.”

On whether Nebraska played with an edge over the past two games:

“I think we did in the second half against Minnesota and I thought we did today. But, there obviously there’s something that’s not creating the result that we want. And I’m here for three games, hopefully four games left in this thing. I’m going to do my part in bringing everything that I have to the table. I’m going to keep representing this school and represent the last name on my back and that’s what I’m worried about.”

On coming back for his sixth year and facing adversity:

“I mean, it’s a combination of all that. When we’re training in the winter, training in the summer, you visualize to manifest. Dream about how the season’s going to go and it hasn’t gone that way. It rarely goes how we think life’s going to go. But I’m just disappointed for this program, for the state, and for the guys in our locker room. We’re a tight-knit team. I told the guys last night, I have the most fun with the guys in the locker room that I’ve had in a long time. Like, since high school. We want to win and we work hard. I know they don’t let you guys into the practices but we work our butts off. We do everything that coaches ask of us and we’re still in this situation. We just can’t be defined by these moments. And even though we have this emotion attached to the win or loss, we play for Nebraska and I take pride in that. That’s how I play the game, I want to want to earn respect out there. Wins and losses are beyond me. So, I appreciate you guys sticking with us and not digging in. It’d be really easy to dig in from out there. Hang with us, man. We’re doing our best and it’ll turn around eventually and when it does, it’ll be that much sweeter.”

Junior quarterback Adrian Martinez

On the change between the first and second half:

“I cannot sit here and explain that 100 percent right now. We are going to have to go back and watch the film but it is definitely a piece of the story. Also playing from behind I think we needed to throw the ball more. That is later in the game. But I am going to have to look back and see why we were not able to run the ball there in the second half.”

On not playing up to their ability:

“This game we just definitely did not execute the way we needed to. I did not execute the way we needed to, so we did not play as well as what we are capable of to win a game when the Big Ten demands your best. If you do not give it, you lose.”

On frustration from the fans:

“I was frustrated as well. So, I can understand that frustration. And simply put I was not good enough. It is not like we deserve to be applauded as we came off the field. We need to be better and we will be. We have no other choice.”

Senior tight end Austin Allen

On his frustration level:

“Frustration for me is at an all-time high because I didn’t control what I could control. There were two points in that game where I caught the ball and didn’t protect it. I got away with the first one and the second one cost us. I let my team down in that situation. We had the momentum driving down the field with five minutes left. I didn’t do my 1/11th in that certain play. I let them down. I told the guys that I failed them and nobody is going to work harder this week. It was attention to detail that was lacking on my end today. Not only did I let my teammates down but I let the whole state down. It’s frustration on my end because I didn’t control what I can control.”

On pressure of where they are at as a program and the need to turn it around:

“This is the University of Nebraska. There is always going to be pressure whether you are winning or losing. I don’t think there is added pressure. We are playing football. We are working our tails off week in and week out trying to win games. There is not necessarily added pressure. This is just Nebraska football.”

On success running the ball in the first half compared to the second:

“We got a little deeper in our play-call sheets. Some things worked and some things didn’t work. Seemed like we didn’t have a whole lot of plays. Some things we just didn’t execute in our game plan. We had some things to call on our play sheets that we didn’t and some things we didn’t execute on.”

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