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Photo Credit: Eric Francis

They Said It: Nebraska Players Discuss 28-3 Win Over Buffalo

September 11, 2021

Nebraska players met with the media following the team’s 28-3 win over Buffalo. We heard from quarterback Adrian Martinez, wide receiver Samori Touré and linebacker Luke Reimer.

Here are the most impactful comments from Nebraska players on Saturday.

Senior wide receiver Samori Touré

On both of his 68-yard touchdowns

“They were two completely different plays. First one, I had a crossing route, got man coverage. That was what we were looking for. The second time, it was just a play where we had run similar plays, but run plays, running in motion and getting the guy off the edge, and we set it up perfectly to run off the edge, fake that and take it deep. That was a really good play call.”

On Adrian Martinez’s long run

“That was a huge play. That was a huge play when he did it last week too. It seems like he’s had big runs and big moments every single game. That’s just something that lights up our offense so the fact that he can do that is really important for our team.”

On looking forward to the Oklahoma game

“It’s not something that we talked about too much just because we want to focus on the game that’s right in front of us, but I’m sure it was in the back of all of our heads. We know it’s a big game, and we talked about it a little bit after this game. But yeah, we’re aware of how big of a game it is and we have to have a good week of practice this week to be ready.”

On the heat against Buffalo versus against others

“It was probably about the same. I would say it might have been a little bit hotter. I don’t know what the temperature was but it was hot out there on the turf, for sure.”


Junior quarterback Adrian Martinez

On his 71-yard run

“It was clear to me on the field what I was looking at. I knew I had to make a guy miss. I ran into my own lineman, [Ethan] Piper, but he was blocking a guy and then really it was just finding space after that. When I saw it on the jumbotron it looked pretty hectic though. Felt good to me that is about all there is to it. Part of football is just playing ball at some points.”

On getting tired during the run

“We were joking about it in the locker room there. I do not know maybe around the 35-yard line I started doing the Madden tricks where you start zig-zagging hoping the guy is losing track of you. I will definitely hear about it. I got caught at the 4. It was a nice play, but it would have been nicer if I would have scored.”

On outlook of win

“Well, I will say this. We have lost plenty of close games around here. A win is a win in my book. As a team we knew we were capable of beating this team and that coming in we should beat them. There are a couple things that we need to execute better on I need to execute better on and we are going to have to get better. We have a big game next week so we have to play better than we did this week.”

On the Oklahoma game

“I am pumped. It is stuff you grow up looking forward to as a kid. It really is and I know our guys are pumped as well.”

On close to being where they want to be

“I believe we are close. I really do and that is something we are going to evaluate on film. It could be a block here maybe it is a misread on my part. Maybe it is this, that or whatever but it has to be us clicking on all cylinders.”


Sophomore linebacker Luke Reimer

On his interception

“I mean, I just got my hand up on the ball and then it basically landed right in my lap. Then I just thought ‘score.’ I’m kind of mad I didn’t get in but we got the touchdown the next play. I can’t be too mad about that. It brought me back to my high school days of running the ball a little bit. It was fun.”

On training for having to play a lot of snaps

“The weight room guys do a great job with us. We’re always in good shape. It’s a year-long process. They know what they’re doing. It’s just a product of the entire year of what we do in here.”

On Buffalo not scoring a touchdown

“That was huge, that was huge. They’re a good offense, they’re a good team. They put up 50 something points last week so they’re good. They’re a good team, they’re a good offense so it was good for us.”

On if his mind is on next week’s game

“I’m just going to take tonight off basically and then tomorrow, it’s on to Oklahoma. They’re obviously a good team.”

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