Nebraska Football quarterback Adrian Martinez High Fives Fans
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They Said It: Nebraska Players Discuss 35-28 Loss to Wisconsin

November 20, 2021

We heard from a few players on Saturday after the Huskers’ 35-28 loss to Wisconsin. Quarterback Adrian Martinez, tight end Austin Allen and outside linebacker Garrett Nelson all met with the media.

Here are selected questions and answers from their time with the media.

Junior quarterback Adrian Martinez

On what he saw on the last play:

“Yeah, not going to say anything about the officiating. That’s not my place. I need to go back and watch it on film and see the whole grasp of the play there. We had a lot of crossing type routes. That’s where I thought we had the best shot. Situation like that fourth-and-15, you need to give someone a chance. So that’s what I was trying to do.”

On what offense did in the game that no other team did to Wisconsin:

“I will say that going into the game, Coach Frost and some of the other coaches wanted to be aggressive. We were going to throw the ball more this game. We definitely did those things. There were some aggressive play calls. Starting with the first play of the game. That was a trend and followed up on continuously throughout the game, no matter what sort of happened. Even after I threw that pick, we still came back and we’re throwing the ball down the field. I’d say, that was a big difference. We felt confident and that’s part of our strengths as a team as an offense.”

On if he doubted he would return to the game in the second half:

“I had some doubts that I needed to see how I was doing out there on the field but we made it happen.”

Senior tight end Austin Allen

On setting the single-game record for tight end receiving yards at Nebraska:

“Right now, I’m just learning about it and I’m very appreciative for it. If I had my choice, I’d go zero catches all season, if I knew we’d win every game. I know a lot of guys in this team are the same way. But I’m grateful for it. There were plays to be made across the board today. For the most part, we went out and did it. We just came up one or two plays short.”

On how he would you characterize the game plan:

“The mentality was we’re going to come out and take some shots. That’s the way Wisconsin has been beat this year. People had some big plays. When they take shots against a great defense like Wisconsin. We knew that across the board, we’re going to have to make the plays. Adrian was going to give us a chance at getting to make the plays . . . 450 yards against a team like that it’s pretty nice but like I said, it’s one or two plays short that we need to get the job done out there.”

On the team knowing they’d win instead of hoping before the game:

“There’s an attitude that’s switching around here of recognizing that we can get this done making one or two more plays. It’s not really hope anymore it’s we got to get the job done. We know we can now with one or two more plays across the board that we just have to go take. We can’t hope it’s going to happen like Coach Frost says. We just got to go take it.”

Sophomore Outside linebacker Garrett Nelson

On seeing Caleb Tannor go down with an injury:

“I was making sure I was hovering over him making sure everything was alright. Making sure that he could feel everything and move everything. It was great to see him walking around and talking to everybody. That guy’s been completely turned a new leaf. Working harder than anybody I know and he’s a great guy on our team. He works his ass off and its tough to see one of your fellow position guys go down like that. Blaise [Gunnerson] and D Jax [Damian Jackson] filled in they did a great job. Super proud of those guys for coming in and playing as hard as they do. That’s why they show up to work every day just like our opposition group does. I can’t speak to how proud I am of those guys for coming in and playing as hard as they did.”

On seeing a handful of younger players get more snaps on defense:

“Yeah, we all live in the same neighborhood. We’ve been talking about it for a long time. Some of those guys are my roommates. I live with Nash [Hutmacher] and Blaise [Gunnerson] and Giff [Isaac Gifford] is down the road. I hugged him after the game and told them I was so happy and proud. Like a proud dad moment hugging and telling those guys how much I love them. How proud I am of them for coming in a big game and playing the way they did. Handling it a lot better than I would have when I was that young.”

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