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They Said It: Scott Frost Discusses 30-23 Loss to Minnesota

October 16, 2021

Nebraska coach Scott Frost met with the media following his team’s 30-23 loss to Minnesota. Frost spoke about fourth-down decision making, how the team will react from another tough loss, the passing of defensive coordinator Erik Chinander’s father and much more.

Here is the full transcript from his time with the media.

On what he can tell the team after that game:

“I just told them we needed to show up and start a little faster than that. Little details got us beat. I know the guys are kind of tired of hearing that. I’m tired of saying that but that’s what it is and we got to do little things a little bit better. We’ll keep pushing to do it.”

On if he considered going under center in that fourth-and-goal:

“We did. I’ve watched every snap of their tape this year and they’ve done a pretty good job against sneak. That’s kind of another reason that I didn’t feel great about that play right then. Think he would have been in if he hadn’t stumbled in the backfield. I think we were in the right thing but we didn’t execute very well.”

On how big the loss of Rahmir Johnson was and how he is doing:

“I wasn’t concerned. Rahmir will be fine. Wasn’t that concerned about that because we’ve gotten some good play from some other guys. We just didn’t execute that very well.”

On if he considered going for it on the fourth-and-five:

“We talked about it a lot on the headset and at that point I thought making the field goal and only being down two, the way we were playing on offense that we’d get it back down there to have another chance at a field goal. We would have if we would have made that one. I’m kind of scratching my head with that. We make a 50-yarder then miss a PAT. We got to be more consistent there. We definitely talked about trying to go for it and we did go for it on fourth though a couple times.”

On how frustrating is it to come up with zero points after big turnovers:

“When you play a team like this, first of all, if you’re ahead you’re in good shape. The game didn’t start very well for us. We had a couple guys open on the first drive and didn’t connect. We punted to them and they went down and scored. So we were playing catch up the whole first half and they’re going to snap the ball with two on the play clock and you’re not going to get a lot of opportunities. We as a staff got to get the guys a little more juiced up to play. I didn’t think we had quite the same energy and that’s on us. Then we had every opportunity to be in control the game after the third quarter.”

On if Minnesota had any new wrinkles for Nebraska’s defense:

“I give credit to them. They had two weeks to look at us and thought they did a good job in the first half. Especially they were grinding things out in the run game and then hitting some hard sell RPOs and play actions off of that. We didn’t really have an answer in the first half but they did a great job of adjusting in the second half. They were the better team and the first half. I thought we were the better team in the second. We got to get those balls in the end zone when we get them down there.”

On if he will try to do anything during the bye week to spark the offense:

“All I know how to do is keep detailing and trying to put the kids in the best play as possible. We had had two false starts today and the one really hurt us. It was third-and-five and we had a run play call that I felt really good about. Even if you don’t get the first down there, you’re going to have a fourth in short. We kind of called first and second down based on that. All of a sudden, you’re in third-and-10. Missed a field goal on another and got stopped on the one-yard line. That’s the game.”

On when he sensed the team was flat:

“I didn’t know whether to be worried about that or not. The guys have been so professional and working so hard and preparing so well. They did that all week again. It felt business like rather than a lot of hype. I didn’t know whether to be concerned about that or not because the guys showed up ready to go all year. Probably other than the first game. They were mentally ready to go in that one too. There wasn’t as much juice but we got more of a veteran team now. It looked business like it wasn’t as much juice as we’ve had the last two weeks. We needed more juice obviously in the first half. For two weeks we’ve been playing in the best environment college football and the juice kind of comes along with that. We needed to bring it ourselves today. I don’t think it was terrible but we lost a lot of one on one battles in the first half. A missed tackle here a missed protection here. A lot of plays that are just kind of one on one things. Maybe a little more juice helps with that.”

On how to prevent things like the safety from happening:

“Well, we got to protect a little longer. We had Samori [(Touré) open down the seam. He had to two quick options on the right and then a couple deeper options on the left. I couldn’t tell, I have to look at the tape to see if he can step up or not. You definitely don’t want to drift back into the end zone. That was a huge play and we got to protect a little more consistently than we have all year. When we protect you saw on the next drive we protected well and went right down the field. That’s really how we want to want to play with that kind of attack mentality. It’s tough to do if you are getting a sack for safety. We gotta be a little better. Just a little better.”

On if he worries about the team after so many close losses:

“No. We’re all upset. I want this for for the kids first. I want it for Nebraska second, I’m at the end of the list. These kids won’t quit. We got too many good kids and too many good players. They need a break. It’s been a grind. That’s not an excuse Minnesota did more good things than us today. But they need a break and I know they’ll come back strong.”

On what the last 48 hours have been like for the program after the passing of defensive coordinator Erik Chinander’s father:

“It’s been emotional. I’ve known Erik since 2007. We lived together in Cedar Falls. I’m known his dad since then. His dad was a coach just like mine. My parents and his were good friends. He’s a good man. I know he would have wanted Erik to be here. That’s why Erik was here. He would have wanted to see Erik win today. I gotta be a little better. Everybody’s got to be a little better but it’s not easy. The whole team and the whole Husker family is there for him.”

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