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They Said It: Scott Frost Discusses Huskers’ Loss to Michigan

September 22, 2018

Nebraska coach Scott Frost addressed the media on Saturday following the Huskers' loss to the Michigan Wolverines, 56-10.

Frost spoke about his message to the team following the loss, the repeat mistakes over the first three games, quarterback Adrian Martinez and plenty more.

Here's the full transcript from his question-and-answer session postgame.

On what he talked about with the team in the locker room: 

"I told them that I honestly believe this is going to be the bottom right here. I don't know how many times I've been a part of game like that, but we got beat in every phase. We're really going to find out who loves football, who loves each other and who bands together. We've got a chance to reset next week. This was a really good team and we get a game that we could win next week. We've got to find a way to get better. We're not ready to beat a team like this yet but the keyword is yet. It certainly is not going as quickly as I would like but I'm kind of excited because it's not going to get worse than this and it's only up from here."

On how the team competed in three areas today:

"That's three different questions. I thought they competed. Execution? No. Physicality, I thought we got whipped. Those are harder fixes sometimes than competing. If I had a team that didn't compete I'd be worried right now, but I thought they competed. We missed tackles in the hole. We got pushed around on both sides, up front. We could protect our quarterback. We couldn't get the one block we needed on a lot of things. Couldn't come up with catches. We were on our heels the whole day. I give [Michigan] a lot of credit."

On any skepticism:

"Because I know it's going to happen. It's happened before and I've seen it happen. The way we're going to do things, a lot of things need to get fixed. Our execution, our strength and conditioning, our nutrition, our recruiting. There's a lot of things, our walk-on program, that we've talked about. Those things don't happen overnight. I think it was pretty clear we're not ready to compete against a team like that. Coach [Jim] Harbaugh's done a great job. He's been here long enough to get his guys and get it installed. We're going to keep fighting and I know where it's going to lead."

On Adrian Martinez:

"Really not until warmups. We wanted to make sure . . . I knew he was going to be under a little bit of pressure. I didn't think it would be that bad. We've got to protect a lot better for whoever is playing back there but I needed to make sure he could defend himself back there by getting away when he needed to and there were a couple of times he needed to.

On the decision to play Andrew Bunch in the second half:

"The game was over at halftime. We didn't want to play [Martinez] anymore. My heart was in my throat when Andrew was down. We've only got two guys, so we've got to make sure to protect them any way we can."

On what he said to Martinez:

"I talked to him a bunch on the sideline. I think our whole team needs to see what it's like to play at that level because I don't think we were ready to play at that level today and Adrian is going to be a great player at Nebraska for a long time and I hop he never experience a day as rough as this one again."

On if he's worried about losing any players on the team:

"The only ones we would lose are the ones we never really had. That's probably better in the long run. If there's guys that jump off ship, then we never really had them. The guys that we're actually going to win with and win championships with would never do that. Inevitably, it's going to happen. The wrong type of people are going to jump off if they're not having the results that they want and that's healthy for a team."

On the offensive line:

"What needs to change? We need to be able to run the ball, protect. I mean, everything needs to change. I felt great about the game plan coming in. I thought we had a lot of really great stuff for them. We couldn't make anything work. Give a lot of credit [to Michigan] again. We couldn't even line up and run our most basic play and get two or three yards. We were in second-and-8, second-and-9, second-and-15 every time and they brought subpackages in and rushed us and we couldn't protect. We were on our heels the whole day. We'll keep working but you keep asking me what needs to be fixed. If there's something I could snap my fingers and fix, it would already be done."

On if he expected Michigan's game plan:

"I hoped I would see something different than that. We needed to stop their run game to have a chance to stop them. You stop some of the run game before the pass and you have a chance. When they could pick a play, run it and get yards rushing like they did, then the play-actions are going to open up. The boots are going to open up. They ran it right at us for the first three series. It didn't help that we had a guy wide-open on our first series, threw a tipped ball and it was picked. That's not a great way to start but I don't think it would have mattered at the end of the day."

On if he knew how much work it would take to turn around the team:

"Yeah, I knew we had a lot of work to do. We're not giving up. We're going to get this thing right. They brought us in here to get it right and we're going to get it right. We knew it was a big job. There's just so much that needs to be fixed and changed and it doesn't show up when you're playing teams that are not all the way there. Michigan is a top 25 team. I don't know where they fit in that but there's no question about that and we're not there yet."

On goal line defenses:

"Everything is dependent on the personnel they have in. If they have bigs in, we have bigs in. I think everybody in football has a goal line package."

On whether Nebraska used its goal line package:

"You know, I let Coach [Erik] Chinander run the defense. I don't get involved in making those calls. I'm working with the offense and manage the team."

On the special teams breakdowns:

"More than a few breakdowns. We're a team so it's on all of us but there's some things that just keep happening, so that means guys either can't do it or won't do it right. We can't keep kicking the ball right down the middle of the field 50 yards and giving athletes like they have the chance to return it. We've got to be able to return a punt when it bounces on the ground and not muff it and give it to them. We can't have penalties. I can't tell you how much we've been preaching that and working on it but if it's not being done by now, it's either guys can't do it or won't do it. We've got to keep working to get the best guys on the field doing those jobs."

On why he's excited:

"Because I know the guys that are on board. People read into it last week. There's nobody jumping off the ship. Now, 100 percent commitment to making themselves the best they can be? I haven't seen that from a lot of guys yet. In games like these, they're watershed moments. We got our butts whipped. Guys either need to figure out how to work hard and get it fixed or we'll move on to the next guy. That's not trying to throw anyone under the bus. That's just the facts of it. We can't keep doing the same things and expecting a different result than this. Now I think we have a good enough team to be in a lot of games this year and win games this year but we have to be able to execute better. We've got to practice better. You asked me on Thursday how Thursday's practice was and I was frustrated Thursday because Thursday wasn't very good. I didn't want to say it before the game but we were missing on details on Thursday. If you're missing details on Thursday and expecting it to be right on Saturday, it ain't going to happen. Guys are either going to have to figure it out or we're going to have to get some guys that want to do it."

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