They Said It: Scott Frost Discusses Huskers' Loss to Northwestern
Photo Credit: John S. Peterson

They Said It: Scott Frost Discusses Huskers’ Loss to Northwestern

October 13, 2018

EVANSTON, Ill. — Nebraska coach Scott Frost met with the media Saturday afternoon following the Huskers' 34-31 loss to Northwestern in overtime. Frost addressed the little things that added up to big things against the Wildcats, what he told his team after the game and more.

Check out the full transcript from Frost's time at the podium.

On what he told the team after the game:

"I've kind of run out of words to tell them other than just stick together. There's no doubt they're better. They deserved to win that game. I think they know how much we've improved. It's a team that lost to Michigan by three points playing on their field. So many ways we should have won that game. I just feel bad for them. This is wearing on me but I mostly just feel bad for especially the seniors, the Luke Giffords, the Jerald Fosters, the Stanley Morgans, those types of guys. They deserve more. They deserve better than this."

On Northwestern's 99-yard drive at the end of the fourth quarter:

"Well one, I don't call the defense. And two, make a play. One more play. Two fourth-and tens. We obviously can't get a 15-yard penalty when they're buried on the one. We can't get pass interferences. We have to make one more play."

On what he saw from the defense in the fourth quarter:

"It's not tired. It's not execution errors. You guys can look for reasons, but they made more plays than we did. Our team is in shape. It's not tired. There wasn't a lot of busts. They won on routes, on a few routes and we didn't cover. There's not other reasons. You guys look for those reasons, but those aren't the reasons. We've got to cover better. We've got to get some pass-rush."

On not going for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter:

"I'd make every decision different if I knew the outcome. We got a lead and I think at that point they hadn't scored a whole lot other than . . . Take seven points off, away, when they recovered a fumble for a touchdown that we gave them on a sack. Our defense was doing pretty well. I didn't want to give them the ball on 40. If we had gone for it and didn't get it, you'd have asked me the other question. We punted it up 10 and needed to get a stop, and we didn't."

On the decision not to kick it on fourth down in overtime:

"We've got a young team and at certain places, some of the mistakes are by the young guys. We have a young kicker. He's going to be fine. He's going to be fine. We missed one earlier on fourth and really short. I was going to put in Devine [Ozigbo] to get us the first down and we shouldn't have been in that situation but we false-started seomwhow. Doesn't matter. Snapped the ball through the quarterback's legs. Some of the things that are happening to use this year I've never really seen before. It's hard for me to anticipate them and fix them. I've never seen that happen before."

On the chance to put the game away toward the end:

"We needed one first down. We needed one first down and we needed to pop around somewhere. We knew they were going to be up there crowding. Maybe we could've thrown the ball there, given Stanley the chance to win the game but again, you do that and you question yourself why you stopped the clock on an incompletion. You've got to make those decisions in the heat of the moment and we have a four-minute offense plan going into it and what we think our best stuff is. We got five yards instead of ten, and great job punting them down to the one. You're going to win that game most of the time."

On Northwestern's No. 2 wide receiver:

"We were playing zone, we were blitzing, we were playing man, and we didn't cover. It's not like we forgot to cover. We didn't cover. He made plays. He made more playsthan the guys covering him made. We've got to fix that and keep working on technique and working on pass-rush and keep working on improving and keep trying to fix . . . I tell you what, I always watch that ESPN deal when I'm not coaching a game with the percent chance of winning. It makes me sick sometimes when I watch teams that are 98 percent chance of winning. I think that's all BS, but it's hard to tell where ours was in this game but that's just heartbreaking for those guys."

On Vedral's eligibility:

"I'm glad he was granted his waiver. Wish it would have happened earlier in the year."

On what Vedral's eligbility means for the depth chart:

"We'll figure that out later."

On if this team needs to learn how to win:

"The notion that you have to learn how to win? Absolutely. [Vince] Lombardi said it that winning is a habit and unfortunately so is losing. We challenged the guys before this game to find one make more play to put us over the top. We could have just as easily won the Colorado game, just as easily won the Troy game, couple of plays here and there and no stupid mistakes and you're in the Purdue game, and a few plays here and there and you're in the Wisconsin game at Wisconsin. We had some guys step up and make some plays today that could of, would of, should of ended the game for us. That pick by Tre Neal? I could go through all the game. We gave them seven points. We score on our first drive. Made some mistakes on offense, didn't score until the last drive of the first half and gave them seven points and we missed a protection. Got stopped on the 31 and couldn't get off the field on two fourth-and-10s. Too many penalties, nine penalties for however many yards compared to one for five. Chances of . . . We missed a first down by inches and had to punt to them up 10. Missed a first down by half of a yard and had to go for it on fourth and snapped the ball through the quarterback's legs. A hundred ways we could have won that game and the guys deserved it. It's overdue."

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