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They Said It: Scott Frost Discusses Nebraska’s 23-16 Loss to Oklahoma

September 18, 2021

Nebraska coach Scott Frost met with media following the Huskers’ 23-16 loss to Oklahoma. Frost spoke about having the full complement of playmakers back, the offensive line woes, the defensive performance and much more.

Here is the full transcript from his time with media.

On if his mind goes to how the team competed with Oklahoma or the mistakes that prevented Nebraska from winning

“Well, the first thing I want to do is congratulate Oklahoma. That’s a fine football team with some really good coaches and a bunch of talent. I’m so proud of our players and how they fought and competed with that type of team on the road. I told them after the game that everything they want to accomplish this year is right in front of them. We’re going to get more opportunities to win a big game. But if they play like we played today all year and fight that hard all year, we’re going to have a chance a lot of games. As disappointed as I am I’m happy for the way that they competed.”

On what happened on the broken play in the second half

“I don’t know what happened. We have to talk. I didn’t want to burn the timeout but we called trips right. It either got signaled in wrong or they lined up wrong. Adrian made a decision not to burn a time out and tried to get what he could on the play. Those things can’t happen. I don’t know exactly what happened. I wasn’t watching the signaler but that it was costly.”

On what it meant to have Zavier Betts, Omar Manning, Austin Allen and Travis Vokolek back

“We look different with those guys out there. I thought the tight ends did a great job in the run game. We need to keep putting the ball in the air downfield and back people up. Omar and Zavier are going to help us do that. We were more of a complete team today. We just got to finish drives. It seemed like we were handling the line of scrimmage and running well until we get down inside about 25. We have some things to fix and a lot of things to build on.”

On what can be said to kicker Connor Culp

“Connor missed a lot of camp with an injury. I don’t know if it’s lack of reps or what it is. But I know how good he can be. I’ve seen it. It was my decision to put somebody else in to kick. It wasn’t so much that he missed the kick. It was kind of his reaction after the kick to me. Then he came back in and hit his next one. The kicking game cost us a bunch of points today. That’s happened too often. I know how much attention to the detail in that has been paid by our coaching staff and our team. We’ve got to get it figured out.”

On his level of confidence with the offensive line

“It’s work in progress. I know we got good players up there. Most of them are still young. We got to move people a little better. It’s got to be a little more consistent in the run game. Everything in the offense can work better if we can hand it off and get yards. Yards are tough to get against a team like this. They’re tough to get in the Big Ten with the defenses we see. We got the guys that can do it. We got to be more consistent.”

On knowing if the defense could slow down Oklahoma’s offense

“We had a plan going into the game and we wanted we wanted to see as few possessions for both teams as possible in the first half. We knew the only way we could do that is if we can control the ball gets in first downs on offense. That meant getting some third downs. I thought we did that well. The defense played a great first half. Thought we got an illegal crack back block on their first touchdown that might have taken those points off the board and that didn’t get called. I need to see that on tape. The offense did a good job sustaining a few drives. We’ve just got to finish. I told the boys if we came into halftime ahead or we’re right in the game I we were going to win. We had our chances to.”

On freshman running back Gabe Ervin

“We’re going to re-evaluate him when he gets back. Looks like he could miss a little bit of time.”

On how the team was able to convert third downs on offense

“We got a pretty good quarterback. He had all his weapons out there. But Rahmir [Johnson] played a good game. Some of the receivers made plays. At times we protected better than I’ve seen us protect. Wasn’t happy with the protection to start the two-minute drive. We were basically in a seven-man protection and can’t give those up. We have a lot to work on. But again, we have a lot to build on too.

On how Rahmir Johnson earned more carries against Oklahoma

“Those guys are so even right now that we’re letting them compete all week in practice. Whoever practices the best gets to go. I thought that’s the hardest I’ve seen Rahmir run. He’s got speed that makes him a little bit different. I thought he played a good game.”

On feeling the historic element of the rivalry this week

“I did. I can’t say enough good things about Oklahoma. That was our big rival for so many years. When I’ve talked to people that came down here, they say how well they were treated here. I got a ton of respect for coach [Alex] Grinch and coach [Lincoln] Riley and this program. He inherited it from coach [Bob] Stoops and it was in good shape. He’s kept it rolling or improved it. We’re trying to get back to that level. I think we showed today that they we’re close. I root for Oklahoma every time they’re playing unless they’re playing us. I think a lot of this team and this place and the people here.”

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