Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Scott Frost waits on a replay decision
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They Said It: Scott Frost Discusses 30-22 Loss To Illinois

August 28, 2021

Nebraska coach Scott Frost met with the media following the Huskers’ 30-22 loss to Illinois. Frost spoke about it being the same old movie again, frustration, gaining a spark with the program and more.

Here is the full transcript from his time with the media.

On his level of frustration with turnovers after talking about it all offseason:

“I don’t know how we could emphasize all that more. It looked like the same movie. I just got done telling the guys we can’t have this season be the same movie because this game look like the same movie today. I know what we’re doing fielding a punt inside the one and then trying to throw it out of the end zone. Missing a couple extra points, so it certainly didn’t help. Connor (Culp), I got all the faith in him in the world. He’s been the only All-Conference player we’ve had since I’ve been here. I haven’t seen that from him. Probably the biggest play in the game was the 30 yards of penalties on the interception and we were up a score and going to get the ball back. Those things just change games. Then the fumble at the end of the half. Second half it felt like every time we got something started on offense, we got a holding or an offensive pass interference, bad snap. I haven’t seen any of those all camp. So it looked like the same movie today. We can’t let it be that way. These kids I feel bad for him because they put in so much hard work. We put a lot on this game. They’ll bounce back. I know how much better our team is right now than what we’ve been. It didn’t always look like it today.”

On changing something going forward to avoid the same mistakes that have plagued the team:

“We keep doing the same things. Man, I’d have a lot of nickels if I had a nickel for every time we talked about a lot of that stuff. It wasn’t a ton of penalties. There was five for 67 is what they said but they came at the wrong time. The one really hurt us. We got to be more disciplined.”

On how the running game performed on Saturday:

“Not very good, I will say I give them a ton of credit. It’s hard to come in as a new staff and get a team ready. They’re a veteran team so I’m sure that helped them pick it up quicker. But our strategy for this was to rep against a certain look all camp against our defense and we guessed wrong on what they’re going to be in. Their defensive guys come from a place where they’ve been a lot of odd front, we didn’t get more than four or five snaps of odd. We had a contingency plan for that. We were going to go back to stuff that we’ve been running all camp. We went through that this week with the kids. But we certainly didn’t get as many reps at it as we normally would. Bottom line we got to run the ball better early and then once you get behind, we weren’t able to commit to it as much.”

On why Illinois did the opposite:

“It was all a guessing game for us. Bret’s been a bunch of places the defensive coordinator has been a lot of places. Our best guess was that they were going to be a lot like what they were at Missouri and in the spring game. They weren’t.”

On hoping the offensive line imposed their will in the game:

“That’s what we wanted to have happen but you know that’s this league. When one team gets ahead they can run it and the other team has to do other things and we certainly had our chances to be ahead at halftime. We gave them two on the safety and gave them seven by not getting the turnover and then got a strip sack fumble and they earned it but we know we gave them those 16 points. One thing I’m really disappointed we didn’t respond very well coming out of halftime. Letting them go on a 75-yard drive. We needed to make a stand right there. Late in the game I thought the guys fought but very disappointing.”

On not gaining a spark as a program:

“The one thing we’ve never gotten around here is the spark. If we’d win a couple of close games, string some wins together get some momentum. The guys really believe they are better. They know they’re better. They are better than they’ve ever been. We got more talent and more depth. I’ve been saying that but they need some good things to happen if they’re really going to believe and sometimes I feel like we’re snakebit with the timing of when these things happen but we got to find a way through it.”

On if he got an explanation of the pair of 15-yard penalties:

“I was watching the ball live. On the replay I didn’t think that it was late at all it was bang bang. So I don’t know what it was for. It was certainly a big play.

On being aggressive on the second to last drive of the first half:

“I wanted to go score when we got the fumble before half. We had our chances. They were in a broken defense on our third downs call. I don’t think they got lined up right. They took our first look away because I think they were a little confused with our formation. Adrian went to his next look and they twisted and we didn’t pass it off well enough. They got the ball out and the thing spun right on the ground for him to pick up. We’ll get our break soon.

On how Adrian Martinez played:

“He played OK. There’re some plays we got to make. I thought he made some good plays. The throw to Wyatt in the end zone would have put us up two touchdowns. They had a similar play and they made the throw and the catch and we didn’t. Two touchdowns up in the first half changes the game. In this league man a lot of games are going to ride on those play here and a play there. We didn’t make enough on today. So I need to do a better job making sure we avoid the mistakes and keep putting them in situations where they can rise up and make those kinds of plays.”

On keeping the team on track after the loss:

“I believe in my heart this team can still have a special season. We just have better players than we’ve had. We got a better team than we’ve had. I expected today to go a lot different. It just didn’t go our way early on and still should have probably been in good shape at halftime. Then got really behind the ball at the start of the second half. I thought our guys fought back. We got to play better an entire 60 minutes.”

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