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They Said It: Scott Frost Talks Nebraska’s 32-29 Loss to Michigan

October 10, 2021

Nebraska coach Scott Frost met with the media following his team’s 32-29 loss to Michigan. Frost spoke about calling an aggressive game, the team being close to breaking through, how the team sticks together after this loss and much more.

Here is the full transcript from his time with the media.

On Adrian Martinez’ fumble at the end of the game:

“I don’t know. I feel terrible for him and for the team because gosh they did so many things good tonight. That was as much fun as I’ve ever had coaching a football game with the fans the way they were in the stadium. The way we responded and they’re a damn good football team. I give them a lot of credit. I told the boys before the game, usually those games come down to one or two plays. Another thing I really love is we took the field with on that drive and I think everybody thought we’re going to win this game. It wasn’t what’s gonna go wrong or let’s make sure they don’t have time to go in. We were going to win the game and got a first down to start it. Adrian’s a warrior and he’s an unbelievable player. I hurt for him but I told the boys don’t hang your heads. I don’t know if his momentum was stopped or not but we can’t expect to get those breaks we got to make them.”

On finding a groove on offense after sputtering in the first half:

“We opened it up some. We started out kind of shooting our shot and I wanted to establish the run game so we tried. They’re really good against the run. Their linebackers were fitting fast and I thought they had a good game plan for a lot of the stuff that we did. We shot ourselves in the foot on one drive where we could have got points with a penalty and looking back I was trying to win the game and I want to keep the kids aggressive. I want to be aggressive but I probably would have kicked the field goal knowing how the whole thing ended. The guys just kept battling. I think we opened it up for him a little bit and guys made plays.”

On what he saw on the last couple of plays of the game:

“It was a great route and catch by Samori (Touré). I thought we had a chance to hit a shallow on first down. They brought pressure on second. We were really close to hitting the screen on third. One more step out there quicker by a guard and I think it creases. On fourth down they brought zero blitz and we tried to take a shot to one of our best players. They were pressuring us a lot tonight which I don’t blame them but they’ve been doing it all year. We were trying to protect Adrian a little bit too and thought we got the drive started real well. I was still really confident at that point. We just needed one more play to keep the chains going.”

On the explanation he got from the officials on reviewing Michigan’s scoring play:

“I don’t want to talk much about officiating but they told me they reviewed it. Ryan Held did a good job in the box. He saw the replay and said the quarterbacks knee was down so we got it stopped before the PAT.”

On how he sizes up the defensive performance:

“I told the team we’re so close. One more play, one more stop. When we get ahead by seven with seven minutes left, we need to win the game. I think it hurts the defense a little bit we scored so fast in the third quarter that the defense was out there a long time. I don’t know if they were a little worn out at the end of the game. These types of physical games you get beat down a little bit and we wanted to be ahead through that type of period so we we could keep our offense on the field and their defense on the field. We hit some big plays and our defense was out there a long time. I’m so proud of these guys and gosh that was fun with the environment and the fans. As bad as I want this to work for our coaching staff. I want it to work more for the players and for the state. We got a really good team. I’m so proud of them.”

On the importance to get a touchdown on the first drive:

“I didn’t think we were going to win the game with field goals. We’ve been really good in the red zone on the one and two yard line with some of the stuff we’ve designed. They did a good job taking that away. They had a guy wide. I thought about calling timeout. We thought we could still get him cracked and the guy on him came off. Still thought we might have been able to bust it up in there and get it. I trust our guys. This is the most I’ve ever trusted this team and a team I’ve coached here. I want to give them a chance to make plays.”

On how Bryce Benhart handled coming back into the game and any news on Teddy Prochazka’s injury:

“No, don’t know anything yet (on Teddy). Bryce has played a lot of football. That’s a really good guy to be able to put into a game somebody that’s played that much.”

On what went well offensively in the third quarter:

“We go into the game with a game plan. To be honest, we made a few adjustments I think that helped. We needed to be running a little bit of our answers to our option plays. Because with the base stuff they weren’t given us the pull the and ability for Adrian to get on the perimeter. So we had to kind of manufacture that. Popped a few things in the run game. There was a great job by Coach Lubick scheming a couple things up that gave us big plays. It was the same on both sides. They didn’t just run it down our throat. We didn’t run it down their throat, you got to hit some big plays. It really comes down to they probably hit one more big one than we did.”

On keeping guys spirits up when you’re that close to winning a big game:

“This team loves each other. They love the coaches and the coaches love them. This is a tightly knit team. Gosh, I’m proud of them. We’ve come so far. I thought tonight was the night. In games past when we’ve gotten ahead, I got the sense that everybody was thinking what’s going to go wrong. I didn’t feel that at all tonight. Defense did a great job. Then our offense answers. We’re down four or whatever it was and man that was a great drive the offense put together to get it down the field and punch it in with seven minutes. You’re right there and you just need to play. We’ll get there. I’m having a lot of fun coaching these guys this year and I’m hurting for them more than anything but I’m so happy for them and proud of how far they’ve come.”

On what he saw from Nick Henrich during the game:

“Nick’s a warrior. You win in this league with tough guys and veteran guys and guys with experience. Our defense is kind of there. Nick and Luke are still young but guys have played a lot of football and they’re playing well. We knew when we recruited Nick he was gonna be a special player and he fought through some injuries. He’s a great guy and a great football player. He’s going to make a lot of tackles around here.”

On if he considered going with a bigger back in short yardage situations:

Rahmir was playing the best. We had a second and one in our territory in the third quarter. Our back went the wrong way. I think we would have picked it up and we didn’t get it on third. It was a big play. Rahmir was playing well. He’s running hard and hitting the hole and we wanted our best guy on the field.

On what he saw from Cam Taylor-Britt:

“I thought Cam let the game come to him a lot better today rather than trying to force it. He made some unbelievable plays on some deep balls. (Quinton Newsome) is playing really well too. I don’t see our corners giving up a lot of things. I love coaching those guys. They play hard. We’re a good football team. It’s hard to imagine the things that have happened to us all happening to us. Sometimes you can’t even anticipate them. But I’m proud of these guys. We’re going to keep fighting and do our best to prepare for Minnesota.”

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