They Said It: Scott Frost Talks Nebraska's 54-7 Win Over Maryland
Photo Credit: John S. Peterson

They Said It: Scott Frost Talks Nebraska’s 54-7 Win Over Maryland

November 24, 2019

Coach Scott Frost met with the media Saturday night following the Huskers’ 54-7 win over Maryland. He spoke about his team’s toughness, playing together and more.

Here’s the transcript from his question-and-answer session postgame. 

On having a complete performance: 

“Yeah, I think all three phases did some good things. We hadn’t done that a lot this year. Listen, we are overdue to get some breaks this year. I know we got some tipped balls and turnovers. Those things can happen when you are on a roll. I was really happy with the team just having the enthusiasm they had. Playing for each other and playing together. I feel like that was the difference.”

On things sliding their way

“Yeah, we were due for some things to slide our way. More than anything I love how this team is sticking together, working and having fun while playing for each other.”

On if he saw it coming:

“Honestly, I’ve seen it coming for a long time. We just seem to get in games and when you get on a roll and get some momentum it seems to keep going that direction. I think our guys need a few of these to get have the confidence that these things can happen.”

On the efficiency he got from the offense today:

“We finished some drives. Obviously, that was a thorn in our side against Wisconsin. We got down there enough but didn’t finish. I was happy to see that. A lot of guys got involved too so I was happy to see that too.”

On importance of getting momentum:

“When you get in a situation where you are behind or ahead early, one break can get the team back in the game. A break the other way kind of seals it. We got up and then got a couple breaks. I was kind of kicking myself for trying to go for the jugular and calling the one play that got intercepted. I didn’t want to let them back in the game at that point. Our guys did a good job of responding. Really by halftime I felt pretty good about it.”

On knowing when Luke McCaffrey would play wide receiver:

“I’m disappointed in Luke. I think we only had one penalty tonight and it was him holding on the perimeter so we have a lot of work to do with him. No, you know if you had told me..Wednesday at practice we don’t have one of our running backs that started the year with us, a receiver that started with us, didn’t have Kanawai here or Wan’Dale here with us. Wednesday, [Dedrick] Mills and JD [Spielman] were really sick and couldn’t be there. You look out and say a lot of the guys were were counting on to be weapons weren’t even in the building at practice, so we were scrambling a bit. A lot of young guys got chances and did some good things. We really didn’t plan on using Luke until Thursday. Mario does such a great job with the quarterbacks. Luke does a great job. He knows everyone’s job. He’s a great athlete. That’s certainly a temporary move for him at receiver but he gave us a spark.”

On Rahmir Johnson’s day:

“I thought Rahmir took advantage. He was really close to popping a bunch of runs. There were a couple I thought he was going to break and barely got tackled. It’s a good sign for the future to get his feet wet the way we did today. I thought he played tough.”

On how close Mills was to not playing:

“Mills didn’t practice Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. JD had food poisoning and then caught whatever Mills had. That happened late in the week. We were really uncertain if either one of them would play. We want tough guys on our team. Both those guys played through it and did what they had to do. They had good games.”

On the issue of sickness this year:

“Garrett Nelson was sick early in the week. He actually got diagnosed with Influenza B. There haven’t been that many guys with it. It just seems like some of the guys we are counting on have had it. A couple of them gutted it out today and that says a lot of about who they are.”

On leaving Barret Pickering home and how Matt Waldoch did:

“Well, Matt made every kick we asked him to make. Harrison Martin came in and made a kick for us. I’m really happy for both those kids. Those are Nebraska kids who weren’t thinking about playing football in August. Barret wasn’t here because of health.”

On Spielman’s production:

“JD is the type of kid when the game is being played he’s going to go out on the field and make plays. Again, today says a lot about him. He had to have an IV at the hotel this morning. I didn’t know if he was going to play and he came out and had a really good game for us. That’s what tough people do.”

On the pass rush today:

“I thought we won some individual battles. We had a couple schemed pressures that got home too. When you are getting to the quarterback it helps you. If you get a sack on a drive you usually get off the field. If you get one on third down, it definitely helps you get off the field. A lot of things came together today.”

On the benefits of having a game like this:

“We gotta get them home and get some rest. We are playing a really good team on Friday. I’ve had a chance to watch Iowa. They are one of the best teams in the league. We are going to do everything we can to get ready for a really good team. A win today gives us a chance.”

On seeing the team play like this with the uncertainty this week:

“It gives me even more enthusiasm for things to come. This team could have shut it down and turned it off. Stopped caring and playing hard. They are not doing that. There are a lot of guys in that locker room that care and want it to be what everybody in Nebraska wants it to be. I think it says a lot about the character of the guys on our team that they can come out at this point in the season and play this way.”

On what the win does for the locker room:

“Everyone’s life is a lot more fun for a week after a win. I just liked the enthusiasm and the sense of team on the sidelines. We challenged them not to let one play get made without someone getting on their hat and congratulating them about the play. That type of enthusiasm is infectious and can help you play better.” 

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