Hot Reads: Opening Arguments on Nebraska's Opening Lines
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They Said It: Wisconsin 38 Nebraska 17

October 08, 2017

Notable quotes from Nebraska’s 38-17 loss to Wisconsin.

Mike Riley on what happened to the Nebraska run defense:

“It looked to me like we lost some spots, when they’re running the power play, we lost some force on the edge, we were getting engulfed, and they were actually making our secondary tackle by bouncing that ball on the corner and forcing- and actually using the wide receiver to block the safety, and a lot of times, forcing the corner to try to have to tackle. So we probably with our front need to force that edge and hold that a little bit better than we did for sure.”

Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst on halftime adjustments:

“I think it is a combination of both. Certainly, in the first half, you are not going to get through all your calls, so whether you’re adjusting that or playing off how they are attacking you. Offensively, we did a better job, we really complemented each other I thought. Certainly, there were adjustments made during the first half and at halftime but some of it was we might not be able to get to this.”

Tanner Lee on moving the ball but not scoring:

“I think it’s just about finishing. We have to finish drives with points. They kept us from doing that today. They were a solid defense, just like we knew they were going to be and I think we played them well. We just didn’t come out with a win. It’s tough. That’s what they want to do. They want to kill clock, gets first downs and eat away at the clock. That’s tough for us for sitting around a little bit. We did a good job at keeping our focus knowing we were going to get back out there and try to make more plays.”

Jerald Foster on wanting to emulate Wisconsin:

“I don’t want to be Wisconsin. I’m Nebraska, if that’s simple enough to say. I don’t want to be them. I believe in what we have with our quarterback. He’s a gunslinger, in the sense of him being able to do what he does I don’t want us to be running the ball the whole time. We have great backs, definitely, but being able to have two parts of the game, being able to run it, being able to pass it at the same time is why you become an A-list team. I’m not saying Wisconsin’s not, that’s their identity, that’s something they stick to, but what we’re going to stick to is what we’ve had good success with, which is being able to run the ball on the downs we need to run it and trust ourselves in Tanner so he’ll be able to do the big things in the pocket.”

Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor on piling up yards early in his career:

"Definitely surprising, but the guys give me so much confidence. The O-line, the receivers, they always give me so much confidence knowing that they have my back. All I know is I have to do my job and trust that those guys will do theirs, that's one thing that Coach Paul Chryst talks about a lot, trust the man next to you, and that's how everything comes together."

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