Top Tweets from Nebraska's 54-21 loss to Minnesota
Photo Credit: Aaron Babcock

Top Tweets from Nebraska’s 54-21 loss to Minnesota

November 11, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Was the Huskers' 54-21 loss to Minnesota Saturday night a low point in not just this season, but this decade for the Huskers? Possibly. But Twitter was still decent.

Yep. Pretty much. On the very first play.

This was not related to the Huskers’ current game, but it’s the anniversary of the failed Civil ConFLiCT rivalry game between UCONN and Central Florida. Bob Diaco is having a rough day.

On the Huskers’ first touchdown, guard Boe Wilson did a cool thing. Yes, that’s him at H-back. No, that’s not his usual number.

I don’t care what Greg says, this is vintage Kraynak.

It’s a “strain but don’t break… then break” defense, Jay.

The former Nebraska champion had some thoughts on the Huskers’ defensive coordinator as the Gophers were running up 311 yards in the first half.

When you can seamlessly integrate the “hold my beer” reference into a Minnesota football game, where they serve beer, you have done an “A+” tweet in my book.

“Describe this game in three words, please,” is what I assume Nicole was asked here.

Faux’s first tweet of the game was a solid one.

Thought about just making this all 10 of the tweets, instead, it’ll be the kicker.

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