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Trev Alberts Declines to Make ‘Bold, Broad Statements’ on Scott Frost’s Job Status for 2022

October 26, 2021

It’s been a season of up and downs for the Nebraska football team. As athletic director Trev Alberts noted on the radio Tuesday evening the result in Minneapolis was not the result anyone wanted. That’s especially true after the Northwestern game, a high-point for the 2021 season. The team followed that up with a solid performance against Michigan where they just came up short.

“I thought we really had some solid momentum,” Alberts said. “So unfortunately, when you go up to Minneapolis and don’t find a way to get that done, it clips your wings a little bit. The bye week was really the first chance for the coaches to do some really hard internal evaluation, some self-scouting and actually reaching out to others to analyze your program and where it’s vulnerable.”

Alberts has been out to football practice as often as his schedule allows. He was there on Tuesday where he saw a “spirited” practice in pads. He saw a lot of ones versus ones action. He said he’d be very surprised if the team didn’t come out focused and play well against Purdue.

There are four games remaining in the 2021 football season. As the season rolls on and the losses mount, the topic of coach Scott Frost’s job security is going to continue to come up. Alberts was asked directly by a caller if it would be best to show public support for Frost returning next year. The caller felt doing that for program stability sake would help. Alberts said that he finds making declarative statements during the season as “counterproductive.”

“I do think that there’s a time and space for that,” Alberts said. “All I can tell you is I’ve been extraordinarily proud of Coach Frost and our coaching staff. I love working with Scott. We continue working together. I see great things for our football program. I watch other institutions fire coaches two games in.

“I know it’s crazy la-la-land in some of those respects. I’m proud of what Coach Frost and our staff has done. Like I said, we’ve got four games in the next five weeks that I think are a great opportunity for us. I’m really looking forward to seeing them play well against Purdue.”

Alberts did say on more than one occasion during his hour-long radio show that the football team has four opportunities left in the season to finish the year strong. He has faith in the team that they will be able to get that accomplished.

Nebraska is set to face Purdue on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. CT.

More news and notes:

>> Alberts is looking forward to the big volleyball showdown between No. 6 Nebraska and No. 3 Wisconsin. He understands how vital the fans are to the atmosphere since he likes to sit right in the action during games.

“The Devaney Center is the best place in college volleyball to watch a game,” Alberts said. “Our fans continue to make such a difference. I get to sit down and I purposely asked for those seats right on the court. Mostly because I’m in awe of the power and the athleticism and just the skill of those volleyball players on both teams.

“What’s really cool is to watch our team and you’ll go through a little stretch where maybe we lose three or four points and all of a sudden those Husker fans start getting a little restless, they start cheering and it just seems to really carry our team at critical moments. It’s going to be a special environment.”

>> A caller asked Albert to update the status of the Go Big project. The $155 million facility project is “on time and on budget” right now. Alberts didn’t want to get too far out in front of himself but feels they are in good position to still complete phase one and phase two of the project at the same time.

“Our hope and our thinking is we’re going to be able to do that,” Alberts said. “I think that’s really, really important. Obviously, there’s a lot of inflation around construction. We don’t want to take this project back out to bid. We might not like the numbers that we receive. We’re really confident that this is going to be an all-inclusive project that all of our student athletes are benefiting from.”

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