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Weird, Uncomfortable & Everything In Between: the Best Signs from GameDay in Lincoln

September 28, 2019

College GameDay came to your citay. 

You, Husker fans who were willing to camp out overnight in the parking lot outside East Stadium and boo Iowa every time the yellow and black color scheme came on GameDay’s screen, responded with signs. Lots and lots of signs. 

Some of them were fantastic. Some of them were a little too edgy. Some of them made me uncomfortable. One of them used the phrase “Frost Daddy” and now you all have to deal with that because I have all morning. Some of them have me laughing hours later when just thinking about them. 

So here are your best signs. 

You’re welcome.

Derek Peterson

Ryan Day chews ice cream.

Don’t we all kind of chew ice cream though? Do you just let it sit in your mouth and wait for it to melt? Who has time for that?

There were lots and lots of Ryan Day-themed signs. I appreciate Husker fans dedication to a bit.

Greg Smith


Nebraska may want LeBron James to come to Lincoln, but they also aren’t afraid to troll him.

Another popular theme was “LeBron left Ohio.”

I mean. . . his options were Los Angeles and Miami. . . so. 

The lack of LeBron hairline jokes is an egregious oversight, however.


Derek Peterson


Just excellent.

Brandon Vogel

They do need a new reporter.

This one is current. It’s happening now. I can appreciate when you’re up-to-date on current events. 

Another Ryan Day-themed sign, but this one is off the beaten path. Also, the Des Moines Register is in Iowa. And no one over here likes Iowa, except for the one brave young man who traversed through the giant section of drunk college students proudly displaying a sign that read “Nebraska self-identifies as a powerhouse” on the front and “Kirk Ferentz is better than Scott Frost, change my mind” on the back.

Derek Peterson

A multi-layered sign that transcends sporting lines.

I needed some explaining on this one. Apparently, the Green Bay Packers quarterback was caught sipping at a Milwaukee Bucks game (get it?) and a teammate absolutely crushed him in a beer-chugging challenge. It then became a social media thing for other NFL quarterbacks to dunk on Rodgers by flexing their beer-downing abilities. As if savoring a drink is something to be shamed over. Whatever. But, hey, another Ryan Day sign. 

Derek Peterson

There are a lot of things happening here. 

Moving from left to right. A subtly excellent troll job of Ohio State inexplicably trying to trademark the most-used word in the English language. A Stugotz sign! Then a dig at Iowa that everyone can get behind. Then a “Nebraskans for Mike Leach” sign with a purpose I can’t really understand; like, instead of Scott Frost? Then a sign that proclaims if Nebraska beats Ohio State tonight, the sign-maker is going to make a baby. 

Derek Peterson

I’m fairly certain Nebraska’s equipment managers are responsible for this one.

It’s so good, it makes me question why I found it just abandoned leaning against a fence.

Derek Peterson

Early frontrunner for sign of the day.

“Ryan Day carpets his bathroom.”

What kind of psychopath carpets their bathroom? 

What kind of psychopath even thinks of carpeting their bathroom. 

These must be the same people who thought, “I wonder what would happen if we put pineapple chunks on a piece of pizza?”

Derek Peterson



. . .

I had to see it, so you have to, too.

Derek Peterson

Man, woman, and older man, did that put ‘em in the aisles!

You just have to appreciate the craftsmanship here. The hair is perfectly spiked, the goatee is impeccably trimmed, the decades-old Oakley’s that his daughter keeps begging him to throw in the fire, the visor. Who could have known we’d have a random Guy Fieri sighting in Lincoln? The weekend keeps getting bigger.

Derek Peterson

Nate Allgood Sucks

I don’t know who Nate Allgood is. I don’t know if Nate Allgood is this person’s mortal enemy. I don’t know if Nate Allgood is their roommate and this sign-holder is just trolling. I don’t know if this is an inside joke. All I know is that this sign-holder had a once-in-12-years shot at making a snarky sign that would be featured on national television and instead they opted to call attention to Nate Allgood’s suckiness. 

Respect the dang biz.

Derek Peterson


The JoJo Domann love knows no bounds. 

I think we found the owner of the JoJo Domann stan account on Twitter.



Derek Peterson

Just Happy To Be Involved!

Okay, forget the carpet sign. This is my favorite one. Respect. 

Derek Peterson


This one’s the winner. 

The adults will get the joke. The degenerates will get the joke. The kids will not get the joke, and when they ask the adults, the adults have an easy out. “I’d give my left Brutus for a Husker win.” And when the kid asks what that means, Mom or Dad can simply answer back with one of the most annoying parent responses in the history of time — “You’ll understand when you’re older.”

It’s NSFW while also being family-friendly. And it supports a good cause! 

The triple-threat of posters. The Steph Curry of posters. 

Derek Peterson

A bit you don’t have to abide by.

This one is probably in reference to a segment Steven M. Sipple does every weekday morning at 7:40 a.m. on 93.7 FM The Ticket.

Or, this man just really wants Sipple to shut up. You choose whichever narrative you want to roll with. Welcome to the media.

Derek Peterson

A movie I refuse to watch.

But a reference I’m sure thousands will get. Of all the things I’ve seen Scott Frost’s face photoshopped onto, I can say with confidence this is a first.

Brandon Vogel

A little too on the nose.

Laugh through the pain, Husker fans. Laugh through the pain.

Erin Sorensen

Sam Keller ruined all our lives.

Bring back EA Sports’ NCAA Football, you cowards!

John Peterson/Hail Varsity

The Man on the Iron Throne

If I were ranking these, this absolutely excellent sign would get knocked because the line is supposed to be “The King in the North” and there is no reason to change north to west in this instance. We are not in Idaho.

Update (1:30 p.m.): It has been pointed out to me that this sign is in reference to Frost and Nebraska ruling the West division. So there is one reason to change the sign. But I still don’t like it.

John Peterson/Hail Varsity

Honestly didn’t notice the mustache and unibrow the first time.

I tend to think this meme has run its course, but I’ll make an exception for this one. It’s a way for Nebraskans to gush about Frost — normally an uncomfortable phenomena — without it actually being overly creepy. 

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