What We're Hoping to Learn About Nebraska at Big Ten Media Days
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What We’re Hoping to Learn About Nebraska at Big Ten Media Days

July 22, 2018

After the SEC, Big 12 and ACC had the spotlight last week, Big Ten coaches and players will have their time at the podium this Monday and Tuesday. It should be an interesting two days for Nebraska. What's new always sort of drives the conversation at these things and what's most notably new this year in the Big Ten is Scott Frost.

Here are a few questions the Hail Varsity staff is looking forward to having answered this week.

How did the summer/offseason go for the QBs from Frost's perspective?

We're not expecting Frost to come out and name a starter, but any comments on the quarterbacks is additional info for the file folder marked "The Good QB Play to Come." Frost and quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco have plenty of impressively efficient quarterback numbers on their résumés, both together and apart. We've had the chance to hear from Verduzco a couple of times post-spring game, but not as much from Frost. And of course we know he knows a thing or two about good quarterbacking, too. So what was he seeing from (or probably more accurately hearing about) the guys who will be taking snaps when camp gets underway?

Who are the early leaders in the freshmen-to-watch race?

Media days is always good for this because the players are always asked about it. The coaches occasionally are as well, but their evasion tactics are typically better honed and, given the limitations on coach contact in the offseason, the players have a better view of the new guys impressing in workouts anyway. Of course, seeing a guy perform well in workouts for a month is a lot different than performing well for a full season of Power 5 football. So, while it's always interesting to see the names that immediately come to mind for guys, proceed cautiously. Last year's group included, among others, Avery Roberts, Jaevon McQuitty and Tyjon Lindsey.

What's the read on Nebraska around the Big Ten now that Frost is at the helm (particularly the offense)?

Long-term optimism around the Huskers seems to be high throughout the country, but short-term projections for this season are mostly middling. Both are understandable, but what's the vibe around Nebraska from the rest of the Big Ten? I'm not expecting any coach to come out and say, "Nebraska's going to be a problem for the rest of the conference soon." It won't be that direct. You'll more likely have to read between the lines any time a coach mentions Nebraska, but I've never been more interested to find those lines and then read right between them. As the only new coach in the conference this year, the Huskers have that angle all to themselves.

What would make the 2018 season a success?

Every Husker fan probably already has an idea of his or her answer to that question, but what is the team talking about internally for Frost's first season? That's an answer that's always more interesting from those directly involved, but particularly so with the Huskers bringing three seniors to Chicago.

Any alternate uniform news?

Look, I know this is a non-football thing that some won't care about at all, but when I'm writing the list it's almost a guarantee this will be here. It's here for a couple of reasons: (1) The question actually comes up often –- "Any plans for an alternate this year?" –– as the news of such things usually hits around this time of year, and (2) I really do find it interesting that the topic of uniforms hasn't come up with Frost yet. It was such a big part of what he experienced at Oregon and then it was a priority at UCF, too, but it's a different animal at Nebraska where the easiest way to make the most people happy is to not change anything at all.

We'll have a full Hail Varsity crew in Chicago (including radio) so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the latest from Big Ten Media Days.

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