Staff at Hail Varsity,

Really enjoying the site and thanks again for getting my subscription set up and straightening out the premium issue so quickly.

-I was wondering if your staff has ever considered adding or integrating a scholarship tracker? It could be a separate matrix on its own tab (like Roster & Depth Chart) or maybe just have the names on the Roster or Depth Chart color coded / bold / etc to indicate scholarship players (or even JUCO's or incoming transfer athletes, etc). A current known total # of scholarships would be appreciated potentially as well. Notation about the limit number and date when schools need to be at their limit would be appreciated by laymen such as myself.

-The other matrix I wanted to ask about was a recruiting class tracker. It would allow one to go back and look at previous recruiting classes and see who's made an impact (maybe impact would be started at least 1 game?), who left the program before their eligibility expired, maybe awards received, etc. I have one that I started a couple years ago and added around 4-5 classes prior to that season. I found it interesting to try and see which classes were 'the best' in terms of making the field. Very interesting for a junkie like me to be able to assess which classes panned out and which staffs maybe did the best in recruiting, retaining, developing talent, etc.

Anyway, keep up the great work!