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Hail Varsity’s ‘Year in Photos’ Issue Out Now

May 22, 2023

The May 2023 issue of Hail Varsity is out now. To preview the issue, here’s this month’s letter from editor Mike Babcock. Make sure you don’t miss a future issue by subscribing today.

One picture is worth a thousand words. Yes, I’m using a cliché again. I do it all the time. So maybe I’ve become a cliché. But that came to mind as I was looking through “TURNING POINTS: A Year in Photos.“

The photo of Frank Solich, familiar smile, summarized what might be described as emotion elicited in ways words couldn’t. If you were fortunate enough to cover the Huskers when Frank was coaching, you see in that photo his passion, his modesty, the laughter when he spoke to those with whom he was familiar. In the photo spread on pages 10-11, the “45” yard line reflects Frank’s jersey number when he played for Bob Devaney. One picture . . .

The same emotion is elicited in photos of Kenzie Knuckles and Lexi Rodriguez leaving the court, Rodriguez reaching up to a fan at the Devaney Sports Center. Brett Sears’ agony as he walks off the mound in Omaha. And Allison Weidner, in pain, being helped off the court at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Pick any photo in that section and if you follow Husker student-athletes, emotion will emerge.

Hail Varsity May 2023 Cover

The cover of the May 2023 issue of Hail Varsity.

John S. Peterson and Eric Francis have an eye for images we all see but not in such focus.

Former Husker Dave Rimington, for whom an NCAA trophy is named, has that eye for images and a passion for photography, too, as you can read in Legends. The photo of Dave, compliments of the athletic department, reflects a lot, as with Frank’s photo, for those fortunate enough to have covered him on his journey from Omaha South to Nebraska and onto the NFL.

Not that words don’t elicit emotion when used properly, as you can see in Maren Angus-Coombs’ feature on softball’s Brooke Andrews, who wears No. 18 in honor of Brook Berringer—and why her name is “Brooke.” Check it out and see the power of words.

The same with Brandon Vogel’s column, a point well-made with metaphor, something Brandon is exceptional using, something requiring imagination and use of words in a special way, a picture in words.

Drake Keeler has a baseball notebook—check out the emotion elicited by the Efry Cervantes photo—and Jacob Padilla contributes a volleyball notebook, both reflecting where those teams are, words supplemented by photos.

We also have photos of the changes in Nebraska’s iconic mascot, Herbie Husker, and his predecessors. Nothing could do that better than pictures, of course.

Anyway, I’ve looked at “TURNING POINTS: A Year in Photos” several times. Each elicits emotion from the last nine months, from the excitement of watching Kesei Tominga to emotions emanating from the faces of Scott Frost and Trev Alberts, and the stories that go with those emotions.

Look, read and enjoy.

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Hail Varsity May 2023 Cover

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