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Nebraska Baseball News

2021 Schedule

Fri, March 5PurdueRound Rock, Texas3 p.m.BTN+
Sat, March 6PurdueRound Rock, Texas10 a.m.BTN+
Sat, March 6PurdueRound Rock, TexasTBABTN+
Sun, March 7PurdueRound Rock, Texas10 a.m.BTN+
Fri, March 12Ohio StateMinneapolis, Minn.3 p.m.BTN+
Sat, March 13IowaMinneapolis, Minn.9 a.m.BTN+
Sun, March 14Ohio StateMinneapolis, Minn.10 a.m.BTN+
Sun, March 14IowaMinneapolis, Minn.2 p.m.BTN+
Fri, March 19IowaIowa City, Iowa4 p.m.BTN+
Sat, March 20IowaIowa City, Iowa2 p.m.BTN+
Sun, March 21IowaIowa City, Iowa1 p.m.BTN+
Fri, March 26MinnesotaLincoln, Neb.2 p.m.TBA
Sat, March 27MinnesotaLincoln, Neb.12 p.m.TBA
Sat, March 27MinnesotaLincoln, Neb.TBATBA
Sun, March 28MinnesotaLincoln, Neb.12 p.m.TBA
Fri, April 2IllinoisChampaign, Ill.4 p.m.TBA
Sat, April 3IllinoisChampaign, Ill.1 p.m.TBA
Sun, April 4IllinoisChampaign, Ill.1 p.m.TBA
Fri, April 9MarylandLincoln, Neb.2 p.m.TBA
Sat, April 10MarylandLincoln, Neb.2 p.m.TBA
Sun, April 11MarylandLincoln, Neb.12 p.m.TBA
Fri, April 16Penn StateUniversity Park, Pa.5 p.m.TBA
Sat, April 17Penn StateUniversity Park, Pa.12 p.m.TBA
Sun, April 18Penn StateUniversity Park, Pa.10 a.m.TBA
Fri, April 23Michigan StateEast Lansing, Mich.5:35 p.m.TBA
Sat, April 24Michigan StateEast Lansing, Mich.2:05 p.m.TBA
Sun, April 25Michigan StateEast Lansing, Mich.11:05 p.m.TBA
Fri, April 30RutgersLincoln, Neb.4 p.m.TBA
Sat, May 1RutgersLincoln, Neb.2 p.m.TBA
Sun, May 2RutgersLincoln, Neb.12 p.m.TBA
Sat, May 8IndianaPiscataway, N.J.2 p.m.TBA
Sun, May 9IndianaPiscataway, N.J.10 a.m.TBA
Sun, May 9RutgersPiscataway, N.J.2 p.m.TBA
Mon, May 10RutgersPiscataway, N.J.12 p.m.TBA
Fri, May 14NorthwesternLincoln, Neb.2 p.m.TBA
Sat, May 15NorthwesternLincoln, Neb.2 p.m.TBA
Sun, May 16NorthwesternLincoln, Neb.12 p.m.TBA
Fri, May 21IndianaBloomington, Ind.4 p.m.TBA
Sat, May 22IndianaBloomington, Ind.12 p.m.TBA
Sat, May 22Ohio StateBloomington, Ind.4 p.m.TBA
Sun, May 23Ohio StateBloomington, Ind.12 p.m.TBA
Fri, May 28MichiganLincoln, Neb.1 p.m.TBA
Sat, May 29MichiganLincoln, Neb.1 p.m.TBA
Sun, May 30MichiganLincoln, Neb.12 p.m.TBA

2019 Standings

BIG TENConferenceOverall
Ohio State0-07-0
Penn State0-06-1
Michigan State0-05-2
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