This caught my attention:


But Lee has at least one more tune-up game against Illinois

The way I see it is Illinois has one more tune up game against Nebraska. We're THAT BAD.
We just B A R E L Y beat arguably the hands down worst team in the conference and struggled mightily in doing so. At home no less.
Next weekend we're on the road in Champaign. I won't be a bit surprised if the oddsmakers tab us as the underdogs.

I GET that TL's teammates have his back and support/believe in him. Elected him a captain in fact. What I don't get is NOT giving POB at least one series to get his feet wet and see how handles the pressure. Lee is just BARELY above a 50% completion rate, both this season and career. He's an interception machine. Granted, the O-line is getting torn apart like wet tissue paper but still-----toss the thing away out of bounds as the Rutgers QB did numerous times instead of tossing up prayers. If TL is as far ahead of both POB and TG as Riley and Langs are coachspeaking us to believe, then shame on them for not getting those two coached up better. Lee is playing like a stopgap until someone better is ready so far. If he and the O-line don't start knuckling down and dramatically improving, we may well not win another game this season. What I'm seeing on the field is reminiscent of Bill Jennings era Husker football.

As for the O-line, Cav clearly needs help. Bring someone aboard right now to assist him.