Nice article, but I caught a mistake in your story.

After entering the Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame on Friday, Sarah Pavan saw her jersey raised to the rafters at the Devaney Center, joining seven other Nebraska volleyball greats.

It should read: "joining eight other Nebraska volleyball greats."

Sarah is the ninth player to have her jersey retired. Fittingly she wore #9 when she played here.

List of retired jerseys in chronological order:

Cathy Noth (retired in '88)
Karen Dahlgren (retired in '89)
Lori Endicott (retired in '92)
Allison Weston (retired in '97)
Janet Kruse (retired in '04)
Stephanie Thater (retired in '08)
Nancy Metcalf (retired in '12)
Jordan Larson (retired in '17)
Sarah Pavan (retired in '18)

Congrats to Sarah!

Coach Cook had been wanting to retire her jersey since at least 2014 but due to her professional volleyball commitment among other things, she couldn't find the time to make it back to Nebraska. Glad she finally made it back. She's worthy of both honors bestowed upon her this past weekend.

Go Big Red!