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Nebraska Celebrates Women’s Sports at More Is Possible Rally

October 08, 2022

Just outside Bowlin Stadium, Nebraska hosted its More Its Possible Rally on Saturday, celebrating the 50-year anniversary of Title IX.

The event, attended by hundreds of total fans across the two-hour period, featured tents representing each of Nebraska’s 13 women’s sports teams (beach volleyball was technically without one, but the program is made up entirely of volleyball personnel). Nearly every tent had players and coaches of the associated teams in attendance, with rifle, soccer and volleyball being the exceptions. Those teams had matches scheduled for today, although rifle’s was canceled.

Softball was in attendance prior to their exhibition doubleheader, which was scheduled to begin soon after the rally. The team was happy to see the turnout.

“I didn’t know how big it would get, so it’s so exciting to see everyone out here, especially supporting Title IX,” graduate assistant Olivia Ferrell said. “It’s such a big cause, and there’s been women that have come out saying when they were our age they didn’t have the same opportunities that we do today, and just seeing how much they’re supporting us today and it’s just a huge magnitude for people and, you know, supporting women’s sports.”

Ferrell, who played for the Huskers from 2018 to 2022, said she’s been happy to see the interest increase in her sport, which has been growing nationally.

“Even from when I was a kid to now, just seeing how many girls are out there playing and playing competitively and just have that opportunity to grow as far as they want to, that’s been big just in my short time,” she said. 

Most tents had an activity related to the sport for fans to participate in. This included a batting tee for softball, a balance beam for gymnastics, tennis players hitting balls back and forth with attendees and women’s basketball featuring some inflatable hoops to shoot on.

The women’s basketball team was the highest-profile team with players and coaches present, based on the attendance the team pulls in during the season. Forward Isabelle Bourne said it was nice to see the turnout and have the chance to interact with the other teams in this setting.

It’s really fun, and it’s really motivating, putting in the work and people seeing it and coming along and cheering you on,” forward Isabelle Bourne said. “It’s really fun and exciting for the future of women’s sports too.”

Athletic director Trev Alberts made an appearance at the rally as well, interacting with various teams and even participating in some of the activities.

While he didn’t arrive as early as he wanted — he was in New Jersey last night for Nebraska football’s win at Rutgers and said he didn’t get back to Lincoln until 4 a.m. — he was happy with what he saw.

“We’ve got a proud history,” Alberts said. “We actually have, what I think would be considered some of the biggest trailblazers in the history of Title IX and so being able to celebrate it and lift up our female student athletes and our coaches I think is just really wonderful, and our fans are so amazing, they come to anything. Just part of a great culture I think, getting to all be together, celebrate together, but really just celebrate how important women’s athletics are to the University of Nebraska.”

The softball team exited a bit earlier than others to prepare for its doubleheader. The location allowed fans to easily come to the both the rally and the game and watch the Huskers to finish out the fall slate undefeated.

“We’re going to get four dubs this weekend,” Ferrell said. “So we’re excited to compete and finish fall strong.”

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