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“I am a true Husker fan and love the inside scoops on players. The quality of the magazine itself is fabulous. The true hard writing and the vitality of the color pics are really great!”

Carson R.

“All sports – even the more minor – are featured at some point. The personal interest stories of getting deeper into a particular player. And the quality of the magazine is EXCELLENT. The paper stock – and the materials are wonderful and the photography is the crowning jewel – really great action photos and well presented. Don’t ever lose that quality part.”

Roger G.

“We love the pictures, they make you feel like you are right with the action. The articles are very interesting, to the point and informational. We also love the articles on individual players. Also love the way you cover all sports not just football. Thank you for your excellence in your magazine. “

Ken V.

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Enjoy checking the mail again! Subscribers receive 10 issues of Hail Varsity Magazine each year as well as our Nebraska Football Yearbook in June. The quality, photography, and storytelling makes each issue a collectible.

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