Brandon Vogel
Managing Editor
Brandon is the Managing Editor for Hail Varsity and has covered Nebraska athletics for the magazine and web since 2012, Hail Varsity's first season on the scene. His sports writing has also been featured by Fox Sports, The Guardian and CBS Sports.
Hot Reads: Better to Be Lucky Than Good?
Taking a slightly different look at 2017 Vegas win totals through the lens of an old Hail Varsity favorite -- Pythagorean wins.
Vegas Book Sets Huskers Win Total at 6
Hot Reads: A Brief and Incomplete History of the Hot Seat
We all know what the term means, but where did it come from and how long has it been around?
The Stat That Wins 95 Percent of the Time at Nebraska
Turnovers are important, big plays are important and wins are important. Combine the first two and you got a lot of the latter at Nebraska from 2004 to 2016.
Hot Reads: Stakes Is High
If Wisconsin is the game on Nebraska's schedule with the highest stakes, which game comes in second?
Hot Reads: The Struggle Bus
Does Nebraska belong on a list of schools that will struggle in 2017? Depends upon what you consider a "struggle."
Hot Reads: How Big is too Big?
The NCAA is taking a close look at football staff sizes. Or at least it will eventually.
Big Ten Preview: Random Facts, Thoughts and Ephemera
Random facts, thoughts and ephemera about the Big Ten teams and the three nonconference opponents on Nebraska's schedule.
Hot Reads: Let There Be Schedules
The Big Ten meetings are this week and an announcement on future football schedules could be arriving soon.
Hot Reads: Revisiting the Old Neighborhood
Nebraska Football ∙ 10 days ago by Brandon Vogel
University of Oklahoma President David Boren offers a very cautious assessment of the Big 12's future. See you in a few years, Sooners?
Hot Reads: A Different Look at Coach Rankings
Nebraska Football ∙ 11 days ago by Brandon Vogel published its list of the top 25 Power 5 coaches in 2017. It's designed to spur conversation, so let's have a conversation.
Hot Reads: All of the Lists
Nebraska Football ∙ 12 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Now is the time of year when we rank things. Mike Riley, Tanner Lee and Bob Diaco all made it onto season-preview lists this week.
Hot Reads: Three Questions for the Big Ten West
Nebraska Football ∙ 13 days ago by Brandon Vogel
ESPN tackled the "most pressing" questions for each Power 5 conference, none of which included the West, but we can fix that.
Hot Reads: Where Things Stand for 2018
Nebraska picked up another commit on Sunday, so here's a fresh look at how the scholarship distribution might shake out.
Hot Reads: Frost's Rise Up the Ranks Continues
Nebraska Football ∙ 17 days ago by Brandon Vogel
UCF gave Scott Frost a raise and a one-year extension this week. It may not seem like much, but it's another signpost on the road of a career that's accelerating quickly.
Hot Reads: Nebraska Cracks a Top 25, Just in Time
Nebraska Football ∙ 18 days ago by Brandon Vogel
The Huskers profile -- returning talent, last year's results -- isn't one that screams way-too-early preseason top 25, but maybe things are changing post-spring.
Before Hall-of-Fame Career, Rathman Thought 49ers Might Cut Him
Nebraska Football ∙ 19 days ago by Brandon Vogel
In an interview with Hail Varsity Radio, former Husker and 49er fullback Tom Rathman talks about his career nearly got off to a false start.
Hot Reads: Get Your Kicks
Nebraska spent a scholarship for 2018 on a kicker, which will rankle some but the hope is it's a spend-it-and-forget-it scholarship for the next four years.
Hot Reads: About That 50-Percent Completion Rate
Nebraska Football ∙ 20 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Thanks to injuries, Nebraska struggled to find continuity in the passing game in 2016 and the stats show it had a pretty big impact.
Hot Reads: Good Job, Georgia
Nebraska Football ∙ 21 days ago by Brandon Vogel
College football recruiting has its big three -- California, Florida, Texas -- but the 2017 draft was additional evidence that Georgia might be a booming state for talent.
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