Brandon Vogel
Managing Editor
Brandon is the Managing Editor for Hail Varsity and has covered Nebraska athletics for the magazine and web since 2012, Hail Varsity's first season on the scene. His sports writing has also been featured by Fox Sports, The Guardian and CBS Sports.
LIVE: Nebraska-Penn State Game Thread
Join the Hail Varsity staff live as we talk Nebraska-Penn State.
Hot Reads: More than Just Lip Service to Learning
There's another story out about the influence of Tom Osborne on Scott Frost, but you get the sense from both Nebraska greats that it's more than just talk.
Hot Reads: No, You Don't Want Bret Bielema in Lincoln
Given his Midwestern roots it seems like Bret Bielema is always going to mentioned alongside Nebraska in times like this, but what do we actually know about Bielema's coaching ability?
An Interesting Simulation Against a Completely Random Opponent
What would happen if 2017 Nebraska played – oh, I don't know – Central Florida? Thankfully there are internet tools that can help us with that.
Hot Reads:The Next Next-Big-Thing Coach
Everyone is well aware of the current crop of next-big-things, but if you're looking for the leader of the next group look to Clarksville, Tennessee.
Hot Reads: AD Moos Answers Two Key Questions
There are two big questions in Nebraska right now: Is Mike Riley returning and, if not, does NU need to make a move now? AD Bill Moo answered the second one directly, and maybe the first one, too, if you read between the lines.
Hot Reads: Tennessee Gets in Line for the Coaching Carousel
Tennessee fired Butch Jones meaning there's another big-time program in the market for a new coach in a year in which it looks like the field is going to be plenty crowded.
Nebraska Football is a Boat with no Oars
For a program that seems to be lacking direction, getting blown out by a developing team that wears its culture on its sleeve may have been the fatal blow.
Gophers Cruise Past Huskers 54-21
Minnesota rowed its boat to season highs in points and yards in a boat racing of Nebraska in Minneapolis to drop the Huskers to 4-6 on the season.
GAME THREAD: Nebraska-Minnesota
Hot Reads: Does Your Football Coach Need to be on Twitter?
A University of Arkansas professor evaluates the advantages to be gained, which makes for interesting if not totally convincing reading.
Coach Miles II
Nebraska Football ∙ 10 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Hot Reads: Diaco's Comments Deserve Closer Consideration
Nebraska Football ∙ 10 days ago by Brandon Vogel
The truth won't always set you free. Nebraska defensive coordinator Bob Diaco may have proven it to be true with his comments on Wednesday, but that's why they merit a closer look.
Hot Reads: What Makes a Coach Hard to Game Plan Against?
Nebraska Football ∙ 11 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Former LSU Coach Les Miles tackled that question in a recent Reddit AMA and his answers reveal some interesting things about high-level coaching.
Hot Reads: Are the Big Ten's Playoff Hopes Dead?
Nebraska Football ∙ 12 days ago by Brandon Vogel
That was the immediate reaction to a shocking Saturday in the Conference of the Big Shoulders, but don't write off an undefeated Wisconsin team just yet.
Was This Goodbye?
Nebraska Football ∙ 13 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Nebraska had its chances against Northwestern. It had a chance to look like it was putting something together over the last month of the season. But chances remain different than results.
GAME THREAD: Northwestern-Nebraska
Nebraska Football ∙ 14 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Hot Reads: The Art, No the Science, of the Coaching Carousel
Nebraska Football ∙ 15 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Is it an art or is it a science? Depends on who and why you're asking.
Hot Reads: What is Nebraska's Best Win in 2017?
Nebraska Football ∙ 16 days ago by Brandon Vogel
We can safely say it isn't Illinois and probably not Rutgers. But the debate between Arkansas State and Purdue gets a little interesting.
Hot Reads: The Talent Trap
17 days ago by Brandon Vogel
It's been apparent for weeks that Mike Riley was stuck in a talent trap. There's only one way out of it and that road didn't get any easier with the decommitment of Brendan Radley-Hiles.
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