Brandon Vogel
Managing Editor
Brandon is the Managing Editor for Hail Varsity and has covered Nebraska athletics for the magazine and web since 2012, Hail Varsity's first season on the scene. His sports writing has also been featured by Fox Sports, The Guardian and CBS Sports.
Hot Reads: Which Big Ten West Teams Play the Best on the Road?
Nebraska Football ⋅ 1 day ago by Brandon Vogel
If the list of Big Ten West teams that performed the best at home was largely status quo, there's some surprises on the road.
Hot Reads: Which Big Ten West Teams Play the Best at Home?
Nebraska Football ⋅ 3 days ago by Brandon Vogel
What does home field advantage look like this fall with so much uncertainty? That, too, is unclear, but here are the Big Ten West teams with the most at stake.
Hot Reads: Vanilla Big Ten Football Schedules Could Offer an Edge
Nebraska Football ⋅ 15 days ago by Brandon Vogel
In normal times, the Big Ten's approach to scheduling comes across as pretty vanilla. In these times, with many games contained to the conference footprint, it might end up being a slight help.
Hot Reads: Huskers Up to a Half-Dozen Football Analysts Now
Nebraska Football ⋅ 18 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Nebraska has added to its roster of football analysts, bringing in two new coaches who will assist with the defense.
Hot Reads: No 'Red Light, Green Light' for Return of College Sports
Nebraska Football ⋅ 19 days ago by Brandon Vogel
In an interview Friday night, NCAA president Mark Emmert showed just how much of the decisions to be made will fall to individual institutions.
Hot Reads: Returning to Returning Production in the Big Ten for 2020
Nebraska Football ⋅ 22 days ago by Brandon Vogel
With a few months of additions and attrition, here's how the Big Ten teams stack up in updated returning production numbers.
Hot Reads: What Comes Next for Offense in Football?
Nebraska Football ⋅ 25 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Spread football is no longer a strategy, it's so ubiquitous that it's just "football" now. So, what next for the game? What next for Nebraska?
Hot Reads: Grading Talent Development Using the NFL Draft
Nebraska Football ⋅ 29 days ago by Brandon Vogel
247Sports used a draft-based model to grade the best programs at developing talent, with the usual suspects––Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson--at the top. Nebraska scored a 0.0.
Hot Reads: Huskers QB Situation Becomes a Little More Volatile
Nebraska is still in a good spot overall with quarterback depth, but the impending transfer of Noah Vedral raises the stakes for everyone.
Pittsburgh Steelers Select Carlos Davis in Seventh Round of NFL Draft
With the 232nd pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected defensive lineman Carlos Davis.
Hot Reads: A Tale of Two QBs
Nebraska is part of Joe Burrow's story, like it or not, and the Huskers' role in it came up again after the LSU quarterback was taken first overall in the 2020 NFL Draft.
Hot Reads: ADs Weigh In on Likelihood of Football in 2020
Football Bowl Subdivision athletic directors appear ready to make some concessions for the 2020 season, but not playing isn't one of them according to new data from Brett McMurphy of Stadium.
Hot Reads: Huskers Have Some Big Investments in the Redshirt Market
Nebraska has been careful with redshirts over the first two years under Scott Frost. Those investments may start to pay off in 2020.
The Old Normal
The Strokes have a new album out and it's good. Based on what we've seen since 2001, that might be a good thing as the fate of Nebraska football has strangely mirrored the critical reception of the first big rock band of the 21st Century.
Hot Reads: Let Them Watch Tape
In what seems like a first step towards the inevitable, though not necessarily imminent, return of college athletics, the NCAA is allowing schools and coaches to review film and hold team meetings remotely.
Hot Reads: Updated FPI Projects 5.8 Wins for Nebraska Football
ESPN has updated its FPI ratings for the second time this season, which resulted in a rankings drop for the Huskers.
Hot Reads: The Best Nebraska Has Played in the Big Ten
What's the best game Nebraska has played since joining the Big Ten? The answer isn't crystal clear but all signs point to something from the 2012 season.
Hot Reads: The Huskers' Best Defensive Performances in the Big Ten Era
What's the best defensive performance the Huskers have had since joining the Big Ten in 2011? Brandon Vogel provides his top five.
Hot Reads: The Best the Huskers Have Played on Offense in the Big Ten
What's the best offensive performance the Huskers have had since joining the Big Ten in 2011? Brandon Vogel provides his top five.
Hot Reads: Bohl Covers Scholarship Costs for Wyoming Spring-Sport Seniors
Wyoming football coach Craig Bohl and his wife, Leia, are covering the scholarship costs for spring-sport seniors who hope to return to Laramie after their 2020 seasons were cut short by the COVID-19 outbreak.
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