Chris Schmidt
Radio Host
Chris teamed up with Aaron and Mike Babcock back in 2008 and has been working the radio ever since. Originally from Lincoln, Chris grew up going to Husker games with his family. "Schmidty" loves talking sports and the chance to interview and visit with coaches and players. Chris is married to Erin and they have one son, Carson.
Bring It On Home
A long wait may be over for Husker baseball. A show down with Penn State will determine if the Big Red can claim the crown. We chat about how Coach Erstad and the team got to this point. Vegas caused many Nebraska fans to step back with the over/under of six wins - we take a deeper dive into Nebraska's 2017 schedule.
Beating The Odds
The fellas in the desert have put out the over/under win totals for several college football teams. We discuss the Huskers and their anticipated performance. BTN's Tom Dienhart joins the show to chat Big Ten football. Brandon Vogel recaps this week's hot topics and Clauseborne makes his triumphant return with the Friday Forecast.
Pressure To Win The Big One
We talk Coach Riley and what is next in the progression for Nebraska football. It's been quite a makeover for Oregon football. Beat writer Andrew Greif of the Oregonian joins the show to preview the Taggert era. We also catch up with Ced Golden for some NBA and college football insight.
Punctured Hope
As a fan there are days where you have a bad feeling about a match up or contest, is it the same for a player? Former Blackshirt Jay Moore weighs in and we also discuss where the Nebraska-Wisconsin match up ranks on the national radar. In addition, we catch up with former Husker DT and newest Jacksonville Jaguar Kevin Maurice.
Staying Off The Struggle Bus
We dive into the 2017 Nebraska football schedule and chat about the opportunity Nebraska has and where it can impress next fall. And in a first for Nebraska in quite some time, we discuss Nebraska's recent de-commitment. Mitch Sherman and Rick Pizzo pop by to hit on recruiting and the 2017 schedule. We wrap up with Husker Baseball as OF/DH Scott Schreiber joins the show.
Reputation Earned
We jump on the topic of the day (dirty play) and also talk some recruiting philosophy. Is it fair to pull scholarship offers? Wisconsin seems to think so. Mr. Blackshirt Charlie McBride makes his weekly appearance and we catch up with Mike Babcock on Husker baseball.
Very Superstitious
Curses and superstitions are pretty common for sports fans and athletes, we reveal ours. Former Husker and 10-year NFL veteran Ralph Brown joins us to discuss Husker recruiting. BTN's Gerry DiNardo shares his evaluations and the early signing day issues and opportunities and Bill Doleman gives his take on the Mike Riley Nebraska tour.
The Cool Coach
In a day and age where winning the offseason matters, Coach Riley made another statement to potential recruits and current fans, that he is in fact cool. We get a concert review on Chance The Rapper and discuss Mike's big night out. Brandon Vogel stops by to explain Toxic Differential and how he used it to break down coaching rankings. We also hear from Husker stand out and Baltimore Raven Kenny Bell, why he loves Team Jack & how he responded to getting "fired."
Low Down On Lee
Nebraska Football ∙ 11 days ago by Chris Schmidt
ESPN analyst Brad Edwards joins the show and shares his thoughts on Tanner Lee, the 2017 Huskers and Nebraska recruiting. We also preview tonight's Nebraska vs. Creighton baseball showdown with Dave Gustafson.
"I was there" moment OU-NU
Nebraska Football ∙ 11 days ago by Chris Schmidt
Coaching Hierarchy
Nebraska Football ∙ 12 days ago by Chris Schmidt
CBS is out with their power 5 rankings of college football coaches. We tell you where Coach Riley lands and who is in front and behind Nebraska. Erin Sorensen joins us to translate Twitter and it's impact on recruiting. ESPN's Mitch Sherman and Dean Blevins share thoughts on getting Oklahoma back in the neighborhood. Also, a special visit from Nebraska Wrestling head coach Mark Manning.
Culture & Chemistry
Nebraska Football ∙ 13 days ago by Chris Schmidt
Former Blackshirt Jay Moore is back in studio and we break down 2018 WR Cameron Brown's decision to commit to Nebraska. Mike Babcock joins us to recap Husker Baseball's weekend sweep and Charlie McBride makes his usual Monday appearance to share why Nebraska has been so good with recruiting.
Weekend Warriors
Nebraska Football ∙ 16 days ago by Chris Schmidt
Kickers, coaches and rivalry standings! These are the topics we get into with the weekend edition of Hail Varsity Radio. Don't miss the rewind with Husker Legend Tom Rathman, who is on his way into the 49ers Hall of Fame. We also check in with Jordan Westerkamp who is on his way to Tampa. Gary Sharp & Brandon Vogel stop by to chime in with some additional Husker topics.
Sticker Shock
How much? A common question uttered this week with Nick Saban's extension at Alabama and The Baller Brand shoe drop. We discuss the topic of how much is too much? Brandon Vogel stops by while Coach Jim Walden & NBC's Bill Doleman voice their take on Iowa's OC Brian Ferentz anti-Husker comments. It's a weekend of tryouts for several Nebraska NFL prospects. Can they make an impression and stick? The Friday Forecast attempts to give you a Kentucky Derby winner. Joins us as we send you into the weekend right!
Iowa Says...
Nebraska Baseball ∙ 17 days ago by Chris Schmidt
Iowa OC Brian Ferentz shares his opinion on Nebraska football. We tackle his comments and share our own facts. Jeremiah Sirles is back with his take on several Huskers headed his way for NFL tryouts. We catch up with Husker pitcher Jake Meyers as the Big Red host Rutgers this weekend.
Nebraska Tough
Nebraska Football ∙ 18 days ago by Chris Schmidt
Jordan Westerkamp is on his way to Tampa, we talk about his experience getting ready and revisit his time at Nebraska. Already in the Husker HOF, the Pride of GI is now in the 49er HOF, bruising full back Tom Rathman joins the show. We discuss his journey in the pros and his transition to coaching in the NFL.
Top 25 Worthy?
Nebraska Football ∙ 19 days ago by Chris Schmidt
Post spring rankings are out and the Huskers land at #23. We discuss if it's too high, too low, or just right. We catch up with new Chief Alonzo Moore as he recaps his weekend, reflects on his time at Nebraska and looks forward to his shot in KC. ESPN's Mitch Sherman and BTN's Rick Pizzo also join the show.
The Issue of Talent
Nebraska Football ∙ 20 days ago by Chris Schmidt
NFL draft weekend is over and we run down a pair of Huskers (and former Lincoln Southwest Silverhawks) who are off to the NFL. Coach Charlie McBride makes his weekly appearance and discusses talent and the transition from college to the NFL. When it comes to Nebraska's talent, what does it say when only one Husker was selected in the 2017 draft? Jay Moore gives his thoughts on the draft weekend and what he sees for the Nebraska guys off to the next level.
ROI of Star Ratings
The guys dive into a big conversation about star rankings and explore the hit and miss rate for Nebraska players. What defines a successful result based on stars? It's NFL Draft weekend. We get thoughts from Gary Sharp and Brandon Vogel. We rewind with Husker Hall of Famer Joel Makovicka.
Big Uglies
Nebraska Football ∙ 23 days ago by Chris Schmidt
Discussion around day one of the NFL draft and how Nebraska stacks up against Iowa and Wisconsin when it comes to putting offensive lineman in the league. Bill Doleman shares his thoughts on the ESPN layoffs, Clauseborne gives his Friday Forecast and native Nebraskan and author Dave Gregorius tells us about his book.
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