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Husker Volleyball Legends Inducted into Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame

October 01, 2021

In the words of Lindsay Krause’s dad, Pat, Nebraska volleyball royalty has returned to Lincoln for the Weekend of Champions. The 1990, 2000 and 2001 teams will all be recognized during Nebraska’s matches this weekend.

But first, the university inducted Jordan Larson, Terry Pettit and Cathy Noth into the Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame on Friday afternoon.

“Oh, it’s amazing,” Larson said. “Obviously seeing Terry Pettit is great, and Cathy Noth, just people that have come before. Without Terry, I wouldn’t have the chance to be able to play here. To see where the program has gone, I’m sure for him it’s so cool to be able to reflect on that. I just heard that they’re celebrating the 2000 team and 2001 team, so I hear old teammates are coming in and I’m really excited because I haven’t seen a lot of people in so long and just really, really excited to see everybody and just kind of celebrate what a success Nebraska volleyball has been.”

Pettit and Larson were part of the 2020 class, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nebraska delayed the induction ceremony until this year. Noth is part of the 2021 class. Larson got the news from John Cook last year. He called her up and just dropped the news out of nowhere in the middle of their conversation.

“It’s just quite an honor and something that, again, a lot of people have come before me in order for me to have the platform and stability that I’ve been able to have for a long period of time, so I’m just grateful for that,” Larson said. “But a surreal moment, especially to be in such a group; like, Eric Crouch, unbelievable, Heisman Trophy winner, like come on. That’s that’s pretty cool.”

In addition to Larson and Pettit, the 2020 class included Eric Crouch, Maurtice Ivy, Sam Francis and Amanda Burgoyne Vermilyea. The 2021 class includes Jordan Burroughs, Bob Cerv, Kelsey Griffin and Larry Jacobson in addition to Noth.

Noth said she heard the news from Senior Associate AD-Life Skills Keith Zimmer who asked if she had time to jump on a call with him and one other person.” That extra person turned out to be Pettit, who Noth played for and then coached with at Nebraska.

“The first thing I said is, ‘Oh my gosh, I am so honored,’” Noth said. “It’s things that come out that you’re not expecting after so many years and, yeah, you have history of being an athlete and doing well, but to have something just kind of continue shadowing you when you get older and I think that is wonderful that myself and the players before me, how they built Nebraska volleyball, with Coach Pettit, and now with John, it just keeps on going.”

Larson said she’s grateful for the opportunity to gather together after having to wait an extra year for her class’ induction ceremony.

“Just so grateful that we can have a chance to do it and to be here and to celebrate and have a moment, especially because everybody deserves that time,” Larson said. “I’m grateful for all the university and all they’ve done to make it happen.”

The delay for the 2020 class allowed for Noth to go into the hall alongside Pettit, which made the moment even more special for her.

“I see that picture of him over there and it’s our national championship, and it’s something that we can always come together and know how hard we worked and we can celebrate this together,” Noth said. “He played a tremendous role in my success at Nebraska.”

Noth’s last time at the Devaney Center was when Nebraska named the court after Pettit. She said walking out in front of the Nebraska crowd on Friday night is going to give her chills.

“I think of assistant coaching with Terry and the crowd and and how lovely every fan was after the match. So really to have that sense of an educated crowd that knows the history, and, and then they pass that on to their kids and then so on and so on. Another 50 years down the road, it’s going to be the same thing. That’s wonderful.”

The last time Larson was at the Devaney Center was for her jersey retirement ceremony in 2017.

“It’s going to be great,” Larson said. I’ve been a lot of places in the world and there’s no place like Nebraska; I know that sounds so cliché, but it really is such a unique environment. I’m getting chills now thinking about it.”

As for Pettit, what makes the honor special is getting to share it with Larson, Noth and other Husker legends.

“It’s special, but it’s really special for me with Cathy and Jordan going in,” Pettit said. “Everybody knows about Jordan. Very few people, unless you follow volleyball, know how dominant a player Cathy was. Cathy could have been an All-American at any position on the court. She was MVP of the conference four straight years. She was the best hitter the first two years and we made her a setter the last two years. She played with the national team for eight or 10 years. Then let’s say she never played here, she could go in as as a coach here.

“Jordan, I’m not even sure what context you put in what she accomplished. To be named by the USA coach as the best player ever to play for women’s volleyball, and to have the humility that she has is remarkable, and the impact that Jordan will continue to have on young women, not just in Nebraska, but everywhere. So I’m here as much as a fan for them.”

Pettit said having the court named after him is more than enough recognition as far as he’s concerned.

Nebraska will recognize Larson twice during the Huskers’ match against Michigan on Friday. The Huskers will bring out the Hall of Fame inductees between the second and third sets, but first they’re going to honor Larson for leading USA to the Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo.

“I still, after a month and a half, I haven’t figured out the right words,” Larson said. “I think your whole life you’re building for something and you’re hoping for something and you’re working towards something, but when you actually get to fulfill that, it’s such a surreal moment, and something that is so hard to put into words. I think I was more emotional in the 24 hours leading up to the match than I was after the match because I think just the anticipation of what could happen was just unreal.”

Pettit and Noth both said they’re looking forward to seeing the huskers play against the Wolverines. No matter who it is wearing the Scarlet and Cream, Noth said they share a certain trait.

“The volleyball has changed,” Noth said. “The athletes have gotten bigger. There’s more of the strength training and developing and nutrition and and so forth. But every year, the Huskers get on the floor and I say, ‘Yep, those are Huskers.’ You can just tell by their build, tell by their fighting spirit. A lot of people ask me, ‘What was it like when you played, Cathy?’ I say, Well, we were in the Coliseum, we had to put up our own chairs.’ But the fighting spirit is still there, those type of athletes that just will run through the wall and do what they can to better Nebraska volleyball.”

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