The Lo-Down: A Thank You to Nebraska Volleyball Fans
Photo Credit: Eric Francis

The Lo-Down: A Thank You to Nebraska Volleyball Fans

September 24, 2019

The Stanford match last Wednesday was probably the premier home match of the season for Nebraska volleyball and also the most difficult match to get a ticket to this year. Students were lined up outside of Devaney for more than three hours before the game started and standing room only was shoulder to shoulder, completely full. I even heard that someone sold their courtside ticket for $600. Now, I don’t know how difficult it really is to get a ticket to a Nebraska volleyball game, but I do know that tickets have and always will be in high demand, especially season tickets. 

I honestly can’t think of any other school in the country that has a fan base like Nebraska’s. From what I have been told, once you are a season ticket holder, you remain a season ticket holder if that is your wish. You have the option to renew each year, however, you also have the option not to renew. There is about a 98% renewal rate, which is pretty incredible if you actually think about it. Almost 8,000 fans renew each year, wow!

On the flip side, there is roughly 2% of season ticket holders who decide not to renew their tickets, so less than 100 of those who are on the waiting list get to become season ticket holders each year. I should also mention that the waiting list currently includes more than 1,000 names and it can take years, maybe even a decade, to make your way to the top. For everyone out there who is on the waiting list, I wish you luck! And to everyone out there who was on the waiting list, but now off of it, congratulations! I would love to find out the longest anyone has ever been on the waiting list for Nebraska volleyball season tickets.

I honestly don’t know how the Huskers managed to play in the small Coliseum all those years with this constant high demand for tickets.

Speaking of the Coliseum, I strongly believe that moving to Devaney was the right choice. Although the Coliseum was a memorable venue and is missed, Devaney provides more positives for not only the fans but the players as well. Most of the Big Ten venues are large arenas, so it prepares the Huskers to play on those road trips. It also helps when they get to the Final Four and they are playing in a more spacious location. To add to all of that, Devaney allows more than double the amount of seating that was available in the Coliseum. So, more fans are able to view the matches in person or have a better chance of becoming a season ticket holder.

Anyway, to all of the season ticket holders out there, thank you for continuing to be loyal to this program. I know a thank you isn’t enough, but just know that your support means everything, especially to Coach John Cook, our family, his staff and to all of the players. Whenever I ask opposing teams which “on the road” venue is their favorite to play at, they always answer by saying Nebraska.

We have our fans to thank for that.

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