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Hot Reads: Blockbuster Bowls

We had an actual Blockbuster Bowl for three glorious years at the dawn of the 1990s. This year, the bowl season produced a revenue number similar to that of only the most popular movies in history. I’m guessing the NCAA and...


Mailbag: Like A Wrecking Ball

Spring football has come and gone. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Despite it all being over until fall, this week’s mailbag still had a spring practice focus. When the call for mailbag questions went out, nearly every response seemed to...

Hot Reads: A Tale of Two Sentences

There was plenty written about Satuday’s spring game. When you get 76,000 fans in the building for a practice, it sort of requires game-like coverage. And, in that sea of words, there were two sentences that really grabbed me, two...