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A-Very Strong Win

Huskers assistant Chris Harriman kept his head down during player introductions, when the crowd replaced its usual “HUSKER…POWER” chant with “AVERY…STRONG.” He didn’t look at the crowd, the players or even at his son; the six-year-old pediatric cancer survivor. “I was...

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Hot Reads: Comings and Goings

No surprise here, but Nebraska’s 2015 recruiting class lost a commit Thursday night. Lakeland, Fla., defensive end Reuben Jones could only be considered the softest of commits anyway based on his previous comments, but he went ahead and made it...

Still The Same

We’re not so different, you and I. Let’s say you’re a college assistant coach, and I’m an NFL assistant, like Huskers running backs coach Reggie Davis was with the San Francisco 49ers last season. The biggest change obviously lies in recruiting versus scouting...