metro-icon---hail-varsityHail Varsity is the perfect vehicle to introduce your brand to one of the largest and most passionate fan bases in the country. Hail Varsity is a multi-media brand, offering your brand the opportunity to reach potential customers via print, radio and the web.

Hail Varsity is written for fans of Husker athletics, with an emphasis on football but also with coverage of other sports, in particular basketball, volleyball and baseball. The magazine publishes 16 issues per year, including weekly issues during football season (September through November). The magazine also publishes in January, March, May and June. Individual cover price is $4.95 per issue, and $12.95 for the yearbook. Annual subscription for all 15 issues, PLUS the yearbook sells for $49.95, a 43% discount off the cover price. is a free website, provides daily Husker news, features and analysis to readers around the world. Hail Varsity Radio is the top-rated afternoon sports talk show in Lincoln, as well as providing a presence in Omaha and Columbus, Neb.

To learn more about advertising opportunities with Hail Varsity, please call 855-3HUSKER to request a media kit.