They Said It: UCLA

A few quotes from the Huskers 41-21 loss to UCLA:

UCLA head coach Jim Mora on what made the difference for the Bruins in the second half:

We were tight. Everyone was so intent on being the guy that made “that” play, nobody wanted to make a mistake and you can’t play football like that. You’ve got to relax and enjoy it. At least we do. I don’t know how other teams play, our team loves to play the game, there’s a passion for it. We were squelching that and were letting the emotions get the best of us. We didn’t really say anything at halftime. It wasn’t me, it was our players. They recognized it — these are mature young men — they recognized it and said “let’s just relax and do our thing,” and we did.

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini on what made the difference for the Huskers in the second half:

I get the feeling at times that our guys, instead of playing to win are playing not to lose. That’s the wrong way to go about it. I’d like to see our football team just turn it loose and have fun.

Nebraska guard Spencer Long on the Huskers’ locker room at halftime:

“We were fighting to keep our intensity up at halftime, saying ‘OK we’re not gonna let these guys bounce back,’ but we let ‘em. We gave ‘em it. We didn’t execute when we came out on that first drive; we needed to score a touchdown and it didn’t happen.”

Cornerback and captain Ciante Evans on Nebraska’s rough third quarter:

“We just couldn’t make a play, especially on our side of the ball when we needed it. Starting from me, I couldn’t make a play. I missed two key tackles and it cost us the game.”

Quarterback Taylor Martinez on what he saw during the third quarter:

“I think in the second half I kind of got the sense that we needed to try and hold onto the lead. I think we were trying to, but we should have just gone out there and tried to just blow them out.”

Freshman linebacker Josh Banderas on how he thinks Nebraska will respond to this loss:

“I have no doubt that this team is better than what you saw out there. Defense showed what we are capable of in the first half, but there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll learn from this, and we’ll bounce back.”