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Hot Reads: X’s and O’s

ENEMY RECON >>> If going deep inside the schematic side of the game is your thing, MGoBlog.com is your place this week. They’re obsessive about charting both the Wolverines and their opponent so if you want the opponent’s view on the Huskers you can spend quite a bit of time there.

An excerpt from their film review of Nebraska’s win over Northwestern:

Michigan can’t do what Northwestern did and get caught up in trying to go over the top on this defense, though with Michigan’s rushing ability I don’t think that will be an issue. Taylor Lewan should have his way with the Husker DEs, and the tackles aren’t the type to overpower the interior line. I think we’ll see a gameplan that resembles what the Wolverines ran against Purdue and Illinois; against this defense, that should be enough to put up a good number of points.

They’ve also got a great post up right now on Michigan’s defense against Michigan State. Highly recommended.

MORE X’S AND O’S >>> Sippin’ on Purple has a frame-by-frame breakdown of Venric Mark’s 80-yard touchdown run last week. That play came on a Northwestern adjustment to a Nebraska adjustment.

Nebraska solves the problem of the pitchman by having the safety account for Colter and scraping a linebacker over him to account for Trumpy on the pitch (the two circled defenders). Northwestern, however, is ahead of the game: instead of having Colter read the defensive end, right tackle Jack Konopkablocks the end and Colter reads the scraping safety. The safety is playing Colter all the way, the playside linebacker is hustling outside to take Trumpy, and center Brandon Vitabile is able to get a block on the backside linebacker. The result is a massive running lane for Venric Mark, who surprises the deep safety with his speed and takes the ball 80 yards for the score.

DUPED DUCATS >>> The University sent out info Wednesday. warning Nebraska fans of recent duplicate ticket scams. All the usual suggestions apply: 1) Buy from an official vendor, or 2) Buy from someone you know.

If you want to see what some of the duplicates looked like for the Wisconsin game, KOLN 10/11 has video. Buyer beware.