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Hot Reads: Building a Better Bracket
1 day ago by Brandon Vogel
Is the NCAA ready to stop using RPI as its basic method for comparing teams?
Hot Reads: Bob Diaco's Year at Cincinnati
2 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Diaco's Notre Dame years are the justifiable focus of his career arc, but his one season with the Bearcats of 2009 contains plenty of intrigue as well.
Hot Reads: DC Search - Day Two
5 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Is Nebraska close to finding its replacement for Mark Banker? Is Bob Diaco the guy? Talking through the possibilities in today's Hot Reads.
Hot Reads: Huskers Get 'Sleeping Giant' Status
6 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Running through some big-picture, end-of-the-year rankings for the Huskers.
Hot Reads: Let the Re-Recruiting Begin
7 days ago by Brandon Vogel
The NCAA dead period ends today and the Huskers have some re-recruiting to do, which could include a wide receiver who is back on the market.
Hot Reads: It's Too Early for This
8 days ago by Brandon Vogel
One season ends, rankings for the next season begin. The "too-early" rankings are not going to be as kind to the Huskers as they were a year ago.
Hot Reads: The Last Day of College Football 2016 is Here
9 days ago by Brandon Vogel
It's a sad realization every year, but at least this year the final game -- Alabama-Clemson for the national title -- looks like a classic.
Hot Reads: Another Big Win for Husker Hoops
12 days ago by Erin Sorensen
What a night for Nebraska basketball, huh? After defeating Iowa 93-90 in double-overtime, the Huskers are now 3-0 to start conference play.
Hot Reads: College Football Playoff Expansion
13 days ago by Erin Sorensen
Let's pretend for a moment that the College Football Playoff was massive. In fact, let's give all 128 FBS teams a shot at making it to the final game.
Hot Reads: Bowl Game Attendance Roundup
14 days ago by Erin Sorensen
Another year of bowl games have come and gone, which means it's time to evaluate just how the 2016 games stacked up against 2015.
Hot Reads: Let the Quarterback Games Begin
15 days ago by Erin Sorensen
New year, new quarterback. At least that's how the Nebraska Huskers are having to approach 2017.
Hot Reads: A New Year of Change
16 days ago by Erin Sorensen
From Nebraska basketball's big wins to the Big Ten's lackluster bowl game performances, change is on the horizon.
Hot Reads: Music City Mania
18 days ago by Erin Sorensen
As we ring in a new year of Nebraska football, let's take a quick look back at the Huskers' final game of 2016.
Hot Reads: Music City Miscellany
19 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Emptying the notebook ahead of the Huskers and Vols at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.
Hot Reads: The Motivation Angle
20 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Nebraska is missing key pieces headed into the Music City Bowl, but that might be the source of its biggest edge in the match up with Tennessee.
Hot Reads: The Beauty of City Football
22 days ago by Brandon Vogel
It's not often a large-than-life football program gets dropped into a major city, but it's always fun when it happens.
Hot Reads: How to Make a Million Dollars in 3 Months
28 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Ohio State and Texas both took home more than a million dollars from beer and wine sales this season. With numbers like that, expect that trend to spread.
Hot Reads: A Strange Christmas-Day Football Game
29 days ago by Brandon Vogel
Remembering the Blue-Gray Game, an attempt to replay the Civil War on an Alabama gridiron.
Hot Reads: Huskers Need Some Momentum on Recruiting Trail
1 mo ago by Brandon Vogel
Over the past week Nebraska has lost two members of its 2017 class and, over the past three months, added none, meaning the Huskers could use some good news in the worst way.
Hot Reads: Huskers Hooked by Horns
1 mo ago by Brandon Vogel
Recapping some of the commentary from the Texas upset of Nebraska in the volleyball semifinals.
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