Hail Varsity Magazine
The Last Word: Trey & Jerald Foster Grab the Mic
8 days ago by Erin Sorensen
This story appeared in Volume 6, Issue 1 of Hail Varsity and is an extended version of Trey and Jerald's interview's that was featured on the cover.
Foster Brothers Grab the Mic in Latest Issue of Hail Varsity
9 days ago by Brandon Vogel
What happens when you turn on the recording and tell brothers Jerald and Trey Foster to take the interview where they want it to go? Find out in the latest issue of Hail Varsity.
27 days ago by Aaron Babcock
Volume 5, Issue 16 of Hail Varsity Magazine includes a preview of the upcoming Music City Bowl and complete coverage of Nebraska volleyball's run to the Final Four.
All Bowl Games Should be in Nashville
1 mo ago by Brandon Vogel
Previewing the latest issue of Hail Varsity with a special look at one of the columns from the magazine.
Picking Playoff Teams Doesn't Have to be so Hard
1 mo ago by Brandon Vogel
Everyone has an alternate playoff scenario, but the most streamlined option might exists one rung below the FBS heavyweights.
Hail to the Fan: Dorothy Mason
1 mo ago by Erin Sorensen
Hail to the Fan runs in each issue of Hail Varsity and features some of the more unique stories of Husker fans around the globe.
Alonzo Moore Featured on the Latest Cover of Hail Varsity
1 mo ago by Brandon Vogel
Editor Mike Babcock reports the story of the senior wide receiver's incredible journey from Louisiana to Nebraska.
Many Different Roads Lead to Lincoln for Lightbourn
2 mo ago by Brandon Vogel
Previewing the latest issue of Hail Varsity
Does Nebraska Need a Rival?
2 mo ago by Brandon Vogel
Exploring the Huskers' tricky history with rivalry and plenty more in the latest issue of Hail Varsity.
Hail Varsity Magazine Cover Collection
3 mo ago by Aaron Babcock
Hail Varsity launched in 2012, publishing its first issue in August. Check out the cover of each issue in our photo gallery.
Briana Holman is Paying Her Dues
3 mo ago by Erin Sorensen
Managing editor Brandon Vogel tells Holman's story on her decision and her future in a cover feature that you don't want to miss.
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